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Discussion in 'Member's Garage' started by Shane001, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. Shane001

    Shane001 Well-Known Member

    The end (of the beginning) is finally in sight so I figure it's about time I started a build thread :)

    I've been slowly working on this project for over 3 years now, and I plan to fill in some of the past work as 'flash backs' as I get time, but for now I'm just going to start where I'm at now.

    But first a bit of an introduction. This 300ZX is being built specifically to race with Productions SportsCars. We have specific CAMS regulations that state what we can and can't do (if the regs don't say you can do it, you can't do it). As a result of this and my limited budget and time, this build will not be anywhere near the level of some of the other builds on this forum.

    But I will get to race it door to door!

    And at some of Australia's, hell some of the worlds, greatest racetracks!

    Including Mount Panorama Bathurst, Phillip Island and Sydney MotorSport Park.

    Some of the cars I will be racing with include current GT spec Porsches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Audis. Mixed in with Lotuses, MX-5s and other marque sportscars, we run a pretty diverse field. On my budget I don't expect to be running at the front with the GTs or class A cars, but I do expect to mix it up in the mid field, maybe shaming the odd Porsche or Lotus along the way, and possibly challenge for class honours.

    For a bit of background information on my previous racing exploits please see the following link ;)

    Some current photos :zlove:
  2. Shane001

    Shane001 Well-Known Member

    Current Specifications;
    Chassis: 1990 JDM 2+0 TT Manual Targa replaced with Slicktop roof welded in place.
    Full National Spec CAMS 6 point rollcage - fully welded.
    Engine: Original factory VG30DETT. No internal modifications.
    Gearbox: Original factory 5 speed.
    Clutch: Exedy Sports Tuff Heavy Duty Cushion Button clutch.
    Diff: Kaaz 2 way with 3.7 gears. Also have 2x CIG centres and 4.11 gears to test.
    Tailshaft: Factory two piece with new centre bearing.
    Wheels: 18x 8.5/9" up front and 18x9.5/10" rears.
    Tyres: Whatever second hand slicks I can pick up cheap. Michelin or Pirelli. 245 front / 265 rear.
    Front Brakes: StopTech 330mm 4 Piston BBK.
    Rear Brakes: Factory.
    ABS completely removed and bias adjustment valve installed in the cabin.
    Coilovers: Apexi N1 99 spec ex Nissan GTR.
    Suspension Mods: Factory original except for camber bolts in the front.
    Powersteering: Electric / Hydraulic power steering. HICAS completely removed.
    Turbos: Factory original possibly high flowed.
    Intercoolers: Japtek SMICs.
    Blow off valves: Factory recircs with BDE Goose Honk Killer kit.
    Boost Controller: Apexi AVC-R.
    Exhaust: Split dumps with test pipes and sports mufflers.
    Radiator: PWR 42mm twin pass.
    Full custom dash and gauges. All factory gauges and pod switches removed.
    Entire air conditioning and heater systems removed both under the dash and engine bay.
    All under plenum deletes completed.
    Other Modifications if not listed are otherwise stock.
  3. green_s13

    green_s13 New Member

    Nice build, will be good to see the car out there.
    How have you found prodsports? The reason I ask is i have an improved production s13 that I'm building at the moment and wondering if there is another category it could run in.

    Are you required to run restrictors on your turbos?
    The rear wing seems fairly generous when you compare it to IPRA which is only very small.
  4. Shane001

    Shane001 Well-Known Member

    I can't say for Victoria, but in NSW they are very different. IPRA is a lot more social, more a community of members. Prod Sports not so much, most of the members in Prod Sports don't have the time, they just want to turn up and race.

    Also in IPRA you have a lot more DIYers, whereas in Prod Sports you have more wealthy individuals that can afford to pay someone to build and prep their cars, and just pay to turn up and race (sadly I'm not one of these).

    No restrictors in Prod Sports, but technically you are required to run the factory turbos, exhaust manifolds, etc. You can increase boost. We are relaxing this on a case by case basis, but if you turn up with a 600HP Silvia with a huge big turbo you'll likely get turned away.

    Best bet is jump on the CAMS website, find the CAMS manual, and download the 2B regs and have a read. Other than the restrictor and few other details, there is a lot more you can do in IPRA legally than you can do in Prod Sports.

    Personally I prefer the 1 hour race formats with Prod Sports, plus I'd rather go racing with GT / Sports cars :br:

    HTH :)
  5. ProckyZ89

    ProckyZ89 Senior Member

    Keen to see this out again :)

    Thoroughly enjoyable coming and seeing this progress step by step :)
  6. How goes welding in the roof? custom or sourced from a wrecked slicktop?
  7. Shane001

    Shane001 Well-Known Member

    Cut from a wrecked slicktop and welded in. Did all the work myself :zlove:

    Not perfect but not bad considering I've never done anything like this before.

  8. Impressive.
  9. Shane001

    Shane001 Well-Known Member

    Thanks :)
  10. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    i resent you comment .
    it IS perfect , great work , look amazing

    2 way diff ? i would more say a 1.5 way would be ideal but lets see what you think when it goes on the track ill be going with a 1.5 myself , be interesting to see the cornering under load
  11. Any issues with dimensions? Trimming etc needed? I really enjoy this modification.
  12. Shane001

    Shane001 Well-Known Member

    There was a ton of work just in the roof alone. First was cutting it from the slicktop, overcutting so it could be trimmed back for a near perfect fit in the targa opening. The roof fit almost perfect, was maybe a mm out between the two chassis. Massive job. Not in a hurry to do it again lol but would have been nice to have done it once before to learn all the little mistakes I made lol.

    It's not showroom finish but it's good enough for a racecar :br:
  13. Shane001

    Shane001 Well-Known Member

    haha, thanks mate.

    Yes currently have the Kaaz 2 way in it. Had been running an old Cusco 1 way at previous track days. I expect the Kaaz to be a lot more aggressive.
  14. MikeZ32

    MikeZ32 das Über member

    Less trail braking and more point and shoot perhaps? With your experience and the tendency for oversteer with the 2+0, a 2 way might not be a bad choice with inherent entry understeer now introduced to the car. Interested to hear how it compares to before. Might even be more predictable and finally put to rest the general consesus 2 way is just for drift and not for grip.

    I think the slicktop conversion is done perfectly. That's how Nissan did it after all, it was just a piece of metal welded to the targa shell.

    Go kill Porsches mate. Proud to have you reppin these cars out there.
  15. FireHorse

    FireHorse Member

    would love to see some footage :)
  16. Shane001

    Shane001 Well-Known Member

    Nope, the roof sections are actually completely different, I was just lucky I was able to get them to line up :)
  17. MikeZ32

    MikeZ32 das Über member

    no kidding, how was it different? would love to see any pics of it.
  18. Ditto. Commence upload please
  19. Shane001

    Shane001 Well-Known Member

    When I have some time I'll put up a tech thread, though I only have limited pics showing the differences. If you've ever stripped the interior you'll see that the roof section is glued/welded on 3/4 up the A/B&C pillars.

    This section is completely different on the slicktop vs the targa.

    One of the modifications I did was cut out all of the box reinforcing along the back of the targa roof section so I could get the main hoop roll bar as high as possible. None of that section exists on the slicktop roof.
  20. Can't wait. If I ever write off another slicktop and cannot find a replacement, this will be done. I imagine with the slightly different profile of the 2+2 roofline, extending a stock slicktop roof to fit would be quite the task? Honestly dying to see a 2+2 slicktop.

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