*Polished Gauge Rings*

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by 300luva, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. markga

    markga Member

    I am not on the list mate.

    $50 depositted on the 28/11/05 at 12.27.34, WS ID W46, Teller ID 55

    Preston Commonwealth Branch Post code 3072

    What ever those last digits are, but I have sent you email with no response.

    You are using primus though, mail outage perhaps??

    Could you please confirm receipt via email or pm?



    ADEMON Member

    When Are We getting Them

    Are they due in the post this week?
  3. Brissie Beauty

    Brissie Beauty Silver and Gold

    Thanks heaps!

    Cant wait to get them! :)
  4. Zedi KnightZ

    Zedi KnightZ Member

    Xmas presents for the Zed. Woohoo!!
  5. 300luva

    300luva Barely Legal Performance

    arrival times

    due to arrive 5pm on the 14th will p/up 15th and post same day. should recieve them monday/tuesday next week.



    p.s. after all the kits have been sent out the remaining kits will be sold for on ebay for $55 + postage - anyone still interested can pm me to organise purchasing a set for christmas.

  6. dr_zx

    dr_zx New Member

    payment made

    payment made...

    ref: drzx

    thanks mate
  7. HoeMan

    HoeMan New Member

    Thanks Nate. Excellent organisation and updates. :thumbsup:
  8. GruntRv

    GruntRv Gruntrv

    Received mine Yesterday Arvo!

    thanks mate, now just to install them :/
    How do u remove the clear plastic covering the cluster?
  9. brockyTT

    brockyTT New Member


    I got mine too!!!

    THANKS NATE...awesome job!!! appreciate your work

    tah man!!
  10. TTZED

    TTZED Member


    Can anyone please post some pics of the final product?

    Am I too late to buy a set Nate?
  11. ADEMON

    ADEMON Member

    Install rings

    Anyone know how they stay on, do you use glue adhesive etc, how do you open the plastic face of the cluster.

    Got mine today heppie
  12. ZOE NZX300

    ZOE NZX300 zoe nzx300


    THANKS NATE ...well done for all the work.
  13. j-lew

    j-lew New Member

    Thanks! And installation link

    Just had word from the old girl that some silver rings turned up today. Im thinking thats them. Thanks heaps for organising that group by.

    Here is a page i found that might help installing them...its from the NZ 300zx site...hopefully theres no rule about inter org posting or something crap like that, its all about the Z Love afterall :zlove:

    I have not had a go yet myself but it might come in handy because it says what needs to be unscrewed to remove what etc...

    Click Me
  14. YeaPal

    YeaPal New Member

    Got em today.

    Got my set today, they look nice.

    Pity I wont have time to install em till thu/fri. :(
  15. markga

    markga Member

    Got mine today!!

    Thanks and great work!!


  16. CrestaJohn

    CrestaJohn NEW 'OEM' PARTS

    When you remove the instrument cluster

    you will notice around the edges there are some tabs that need to be pushed down and out. This will remove outer plastic cover.
    Then simply apply small amount of superglue and sit in. They are a fairly firm fit anyway so the glue will just hold them in place.

  17. IBBI

    IBBI Active Member

    Got my pimping rings today, YAY

    The rings look good, i thought they were chromed but its probley better it isnt as it might reflect 2 much light. Now i have to install these and mabey update my cluster lights and then i should have a pimped out dash. Thanks for this group buy nate.

  18. HoeMan

    HoeMan New Member

    Thanks Nate. Well done on an excellent job. :thumbsup:
  19. brockyTT

    brockyTT New Member


    Check out my installed pics

    Under z-related
  20. Zzz (AKA ZzzZzzZzz)

    Zzz (AKA ZzzZzzZzz) New Member

    Got mine today!!:D

    Thanks for all your work... now its time to get started on mine!!

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