*Polished Gauge Rings*

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by 300luva, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. 300luva

    300luva Barely Legal Performance

    Talking to someone today about getting approx 30 sets made. He will back to me with a price tomorrow but I'm hoping to be able to send them out for $50 delivered.

    How many people would be interested?

  2. tom@pzp

    tom@pzp www.pzp.com.au

    depending on price...

    i'll be in... and when do you expect the group buy to go ahead?
  3. Tosh Tosh

    Tosh Tosh living in NA denial.....

    im a goer in this...very interested :thumbsup: classy stuff :D
  4. Hyper101

    Hyper101 Well-Known Member

    They look ok, add me to the list
  5. Yep...count me in

  6. adventJah

    adventJah New Member

    gauge rings..

    hey man what exactly is it? from that pic is it the things that goes around the gauges with the polished rings? also do ya get those white faces for the gauges?? sorry im abit of a newbie just got my zed :thumbsup:

    WOKBURNER Bringer of fun and mayhem

    Add me in on that one! They look gooood!
  8. 300luva

    300luva Barely Legal Performance

    Should have a price tomorrow.

    Will finish group buy approx 25th of November, does that sound fair? This is my first ACTUAL go at organising a group buy
  9. sleepwalker

    sleepwalker grippin'n'rippin

    Re: Should have a price tomorrow.

    count me in if you go ahead with it

    btw - where dials are those? looks very nice.
  10. Claymen

    Claymen Active Member

    im in
  11. JaMeSz007

    JaMeSz007 New Member

    OoOoOoOoOoO.... pretty.... put me down for 3
  12. aK

    aK Banned

    Im in too - dont forget me

    0412 991 811
  13. scottZ

    scottZ Manwhore

    I'll be in pending price
  14. candyzed

    candyzed Member


    Put me down for a set;)
  15. Miksta

    Miksta M Spec

    And me!

    I need some bling bling! :D
  16. mmmdreg

    mmmdreg Member

    They look good BUT, I take it they don't come with the white-faced gauges? Maybe getting a picture with the stock dials would be bettter... unless I'm mistaken that is. I'm a tentative =)
  17. Claymen

    Claymen Active Member

    Here are some shots courtesy of BlackiceTT

  18. mmmdreg

    mmmdreg Member

    Re: Here are some shots courtesy of BlackiceTT

    ah blackicett has a hot Z eh. Is changing the backlight an easy process? The stock colour's a bit boring =)
  19. Claymen

    Claymen Active Member

    do you mean to change the colour

    if so you pull the cluster out and change the bulb at the back to a tinted one
  20. brockyTT

    brockyTT New Member

    count me in!!

    They look good

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