Police Officer taking questions and preparing for hate mail

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by djozzie, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. brooksie

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    LOL Imy cousin got pulled over for speeding and tried that excuse, he really was busting, so they kept him there for 45 minutes....

    nearly went there and then...:eek: :eek: :D
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    Talk to me about Red Light Cameras :) My partner recently got flashed and a ticket arrived in the mail. She swears black and blue that the lights were not red when she entered the Intersection. Rego is in my name and I dont really want the points.. Shes a P Plater until April so I dont really want her to get them. Im curious about how they work and how the fines are generated. It says on the ticket "Time on Red 0.9 Seconds"



  3. CHILI

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    Yep Matty,
    Plod One certainly could have chosen his words better, but then, he had just pursued three car loads of total stuff-wits driving on a public road in a "Manner dangerous to the Public", AND he was outnumbered by about 30 to 1 at the time.:eek::D:D

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  4. djozzie

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    Every person every day is watching the police. Mobile phone recording and cameras are everywhere now. If you see someone pulled over, whats the first thing you do? You twist your head to see what's happening? Hell, even I do it now (but thats mainly to see if I know the guy working or not).

    The police force is meant to represent a fair cross section of the community it represents. As part of that cross-section, there are bound to be a few idiots that get through and get to wear a uniform, there are unfortunately a few clueless ones, and there are a few that are on powertrips. But just like the greater percentage of the community, I think that most are just people trying to go to work, do their job and earn an honest wage, and then go home.

    I try to treat every person that I pull over with respect and I do not antagonise, bait or belittle anyone. The way I see it, I don't want you to treat me that way, so I won't do it to you. An angry person is harder to deal with at the best of times, so why make my job any harder by actively trying to piss you off?
  5. Cartz

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    If you check the law, the cop can book for for what he reads on his speedo and doesn't need any time of laser/radar. The court wont help you, it's just as legal as if he meaured you witha laser.

    Which is a terrible law because an officer needs no proof (which the display on the radar or laser can store) so it is open to them lying and/or to their bad eyesight and/or to them not glancing at the speedo correctly. But just keep it in mind that it can be used and you wont win it in court.

  6. djozzie

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    Red light cameras are enforced by the police, but we have very little to do with them.

    Speed and red light cameras are placed, maintained and run by a private company. Any offences and objection notices are reviewed by the police though.

    From what I understand, with the red light cameras, they use the sensors under the road to sense when a car passes over them. They activate when the light turns red and the timer starts. The notice is saying that your girlfriend entered the intersection 0.9 seconds after it turned red. These tickets are pretty hard to get out of, due to the fact that the photo will show the car and the red light.

    If she has not committed any offences in the last 5 years (or you), you can write to Civic Compliance with a story apologising and saying that you have a clean driving record etc. This will more often than not come back with them cancelling the ticket and issuing a warning. Obviously this can only happen once. Even if you don't get out of the ticket that way, it delays the process.

    The last option is to take it to court, as the camera operators rarely actually show up like they are meant to. This can result in them not being able to give evidence of the offence and having it struck out by the magistrate. Won't always work that way though.
  7. brooksie

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    Same in NSW but send the letter to The State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO)
    Which is the fines division of the Office of State Revenue (OSR) and is responsible for the collection, processing and enforcement of fines in NSW. Infringement Processing Bureau (IPB) and SDRO operations have been integrated.


  8. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    chili .. i do not think anyone is disputing the role of

    the appropriate authorities, the police or their place and a trusted role in our society .. but rather, perhaps, the manner in which that role, may at times be delivered to the public .....

    and in that regard, i think that we all have experienced in the most innocent circumstances, rather unfortunate examples in the delivery of that trusted role ....

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    I sat here for 40 minutes typing a big reply to this thread. By the time I'd finished I'd calmed down somewhat and decided I'd start over.

    djozzie - Thankyou for the tips. I will certainly keep all of them in mind next time I get pulled over by the police for whatever reason.

    To the people who are whinging - STFU. I might be 19, but at least I'm not crying like a 12 year old who hates his parents because they won't take him to McDonalds. It's just so unfair. My Heart Bleeds.

    djozzie is just trying to make things a bit easier on everyone. Here you have Two options..

    A. Take the advice, or

    B. **** off.

    If you're having trouble deciding which option to take, due to whatever reason, Keep in mind there is NO option C.

    Roll a die, flip a coin, build a random number generator for all I care, just pick one and go with it!

    While above, I make myself out to be a complete asshole, it's the truth. You can debate this until the cows come home - TWICE - and it wouldn't change a thing. What djozzie says will still be relevant. You can argue this down to the tiniest of points, but there is not a chance at all that djozzie is going to come on here, and say

    "You guys have a point, and have converted me. I retract my last statement, and on Behalf of the entire Australian Police Force would like to let you know that everything, from this point onwards is going to be straight black and white."

    Not a Chance at all. So why bother?
  10. Evil Twin

    Evil Twin Time to 'Suit Up'!

    in qld..

    i was new to Brisbane and somehow got lost and eneded up taking a 'short cut' thought the city. As i approached the lights in Queen st? where you get back on the M1, theres 3 different ways you can go. Being QLD you actually have to get in the right lane to go left for the Gold Coast, right lane takes you to Indroopilly, and a third lane goes somewhere else again. Anyways i went thought the intersection so slowly at 5am with no traffic around as i read the signs trying to work out which direction Acacia Ridge was, the lights went from green to red, i had no idea till i was flashed 3 times!! and got sent 2x photos! I prolly could of contested it, but i didnt have the time or money to argue. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  11. aK

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    Mate you just put an axe through your own armor.

    So what your saying is, let me get this right....

    If you dont like the way you are being treated by the police, dont whing about it because it will make no difference to their bad treatment of the public at times. hmmmm

    And people said that Mohaat Mogandi and his 9 supporters would get no where protesting against the Brits in Indian for independance and ooops what happened? India got independance.

    So axe head please dont post rubish, about "if your not happy with something then live with it" because some people might have more balls then you to stand up for their rights and say "hold on, thats not right:"

    As i said in my earlier post, i respect this dj copper comming here and telling it how it is but at the same time his attitude from his post is "dont f*^& with the police because you cant win" and i dont appreciate cops letting their badge and gun to manupilate their humbleness and character.

    I think you should have waited and thought for another 40mins because your still not quite their.
  12. MikeH

    MikeH smeg

    I'm not saying that I automatically deserve respect but if they expect it while treating me like shit, they've another thing coming.

    I don't think anyone no matter their position automatically deserves respect, not judges, doctors nor the prime minister.. they're just in another field of work to me and in most cases tend to get get their through having an extended holiday studying for years.. you can't tell me uni isn't a bludge!
  13. djozzie

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    Personally, I don't care if someone calls me mate or not. Every person is different. My original post was intended as being somewhat light hearted and may have erred on the side of "caution" because there are some police members that will take offence to being called mate. I am guilty of using the word mate all too often myself, and people that I have dealt with at work have pulled me up on it before too.

    The truth is you have to judge the cop that pulls you over. If he walks up to you and says "Hey mate, have you got your licence there?..", then I would assume that he is not going to care if you call him mate back. If however, they follow the ultra professional approach and say something like "Good evening sir, the reason I have intercepted you today is...", then you can reasonably assume that he may take offence to you calling him mate.
  14. seaweed

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    A friend got pinged going through an amber light on a wet night and "almost" got off the charge. The process is that he went back to the scene and took photo's, measured distances and made mental notes of objects around the traffic lights. Representing himself in court he asked the police officers when they first spotted him going through the red light. Using standard stopping distances for a vehicle going at 80km/hr in the wet it is easy to argue that braking in time would not of been a viable alternative. The distances are further than you think. But he was found guilty because he did not present the standard stopping distance as evidence, only referring to it during his defense. It was a technicality but the judge later on mentioned that if the document was tabled, the decision would of changed...
    As far as I am concerned, no matter what the police think, you are never guilty if you have enough money to buy the best legal team. Justice favours the rich.
  15. blackheartedprofit

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    "Mohaat Mogandi" ??? muahahaha who the f#@k is that??, or do you mean Mahat Macoat??
  16. CHILI

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    OK! Who are you, and what have you done with Ali's body??

    Conversely, at what point in time today, did you undergo the transformation from friendly Z32 owner and forum member, to this rabid, foaming at the mouth, psychopath?
    Try to overcome your inherent desire to shoot anyone with whom you disagree, and just learn from well-meaning advice, rather than insisting on "shooting the messenger".:eek::eek::p
    BTW, I'm wearing a bulletproof vest.:rolleyes::zlove::zlove:

  17. ADEMON

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    Good info

    I have yet to be pulled over by the police and I don't expect too unless for breaking the law, this includes wreckless driving. As far as police pulling you over like I hear time and time over again, if you have a mod and its illegal in your state you cop the fine as it should not be there in the first place. I am aware that police can random you out by simply just looking suspicious. However as I have been told by a police friend of mine, they will sus you out by first checking on their in car computers on a few things about you, age, place of residence, engineer reports, driving history, criminal record, likely that if you fall in the category of a fairly clean driving record, mature age, engineer reports and basically not doing anything wrong only that you have a nice sports car, they have no reason to pull you over. I recall one day when I took the car out and a friend in the car asked me if you were ever concerned about the uniqueness of the car as it will bring too much attention I told him why should I, my mods are engineered and RTA approved and no illegal engine mods. I suppose a copper can get you on something but lets be realistic here you drive within the legal limits of the law and stay away from places like hang outs by police prone areas and your only concern will be enjoyng your drive out in the sun

  18. Gazza

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    Funny how the first thing listed is dont use the word mate. Sorry but if some coppers find that word offensive, maybe they should consider moving to a different country:rolleyes: . I climbed out the zed a few years ago after being caught in central australia having some fun and the first words from my mouth were "gday mate", and the copper was fine with it and completely friendly. On the other hand, while on my p's I was pulled over for a breath test, and on saying "gday mate" in a completely respectfull manner got the "Im not your bloody mate" line. Obviously I stop worrying about being polite to the retard after that (and I didnt get a ticket, the spastic tried looking for defects though)
  19. djozzie

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    Police cars are all fitted with digital speedos that are calibrated to be as precise as possible.

    Precendents in court have found that a police car following you maintaining an even distance behind you for a reasonable time and distance can estimate your speed and base a ticket off that. Any method of speed detection has an error margin, whether it is this or a camera or laser.

    I am not going to get into a debate over whether it is right or wrong or about whether speeding is used just for revenue raising, I just wanted to make you all aware that this is an acceptable method in the eyes of the court.
  20. djozzie

    djozzie Member

    Some find it offensive. I personally don't, but I was trying to be more general and encompass more than just me. ;)

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