Police Officer taking questions and preparing for hate mail

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by djozzie, Jan 27, 2007.

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    I have never been pulled over for no reason just because of the car i drive, and when i have been booked it was totally because i did the wrong thing. But what really annoys me is if a police officer pulls you over, you do all the right things as Ozzie said, yet the officer is rude and arrogant and is clearly on a power trip. Now of the very few times i have been pulled over most officers have been courteous and lenient, its only been once or twice that i have thought the officers were acting in an overly aggressive way. So i guess what i'm trying to say is that there is only a minority of unfair police officers, just as there is people who own sports cars with the wrong attitude. If there weren't these minorities on both sides people with sports cars wouldn't have a problem with police and vice versa. The actions of a few ruin for the rest.
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    I been pulled over once for speeding - yeah it was in my old mans - S*&tbox - and the other i thik was becasue of the zed - it was at 9am going to work and saw a police car from the other direction and next thing he was behine me with the siren on. Had a look around my car then asked for any mods - i said no and then goes ok, just a simple RTB.

    I didnt mind - but i just treat them here like any other poeple with jobs, they gotta pay the bills somehow :)
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    You realise...

    That that fine and points also leads to a stained record. Anytime anyone does a character check on you (eg applying for a job), that will come up. It may also compound the difficulty you encounter with future policewhen they check yoru record and who knows they probably put comments about your attitude on a file if you have been difficult to handle.

    Trying to be a smartarse just isn't worth it...

    I've only had one cop who was a smartarse, but he couldn't do anything as I didn't do anything wrong. He was probably just baiting me into doing or saying something stupid. But I was polite and did as I was told and off I went :)
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    Good advice there for sure!
    I usually always get out of the car when i get pulled over tho. But then im a chick so it would be different for a guy i spose.

    Ive been pulled over many times for all kinds of things ranging from burnouts around roundabouts, doing a runner from the cops, and speeding.

    I have only been fined once in the last 4 years or so and that was because they felt they had to, as i was (unintentionally) speeding through roadworks (with a horse float & horse) and the cops had had many complaints from road workers about ppl speeding through there (my speedo was actually out by 15km at the time but i wasnt going to say that to the cops and get a yellow) so i took the fine, plus i was driving on a suspended licence, but with a few tears and with a horse in the float they had to let me drive home :D

    But on every other occasion ive never had a problem - just a really good excuse (ie why am i in such a hurry? coz i need to go to the toilet officer.. a number two if u know what i mean...)

    To everyone out there that says oh no we couldnt possibly talk to the cop nicely and act respectful... well youre the dipshits that will be paying the fines. Lie your ass off, try to be friendly, eat humble pie and say your sorry - and you will be left with money in your pocket and no nasty pieces of paperwork.
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    Yeah it is right what you are sayng but what if you are polite and the coper has the attitude problem and picks on you what do you do then ?

    Read this http://www.aus300zx.com/forum/showthread.php?t=257047
    this http://www.aus300zx.com/forum/showthread.php?t=257193 and who can forget what hapened to ..topher :(
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    i have been pulled over a few times for random breath tests etc, a cop pulled me over for 'doing 180 in a 60 zone' knew i was doing 60 coz it was on cruise and thought about cracking it but i didnt.. just acted calm and after 5 minutes of talknig to him he said that he 'likes ******* with people in sport cars to see their response' he said i passed an attitude test and he goes as you know you werent speeding, he patted the car twice got in hsi car and drove off. but then there was that other incident (as you all know) where i was being polite when i got pulled over... but they were being smartarses straight off the bat.. yelling at me chests puffed out.. i was friendly for aobut 2 minutes before i asked them why didnt they pull the guy that was speeding over... that is when the trouble started. i swear it looked like they were on speed... walking up and down chests puffed out eyes wide open being smart.. basically if it was a random on the street you woulda thought they were trying to start a fight with you.
    you get good cops and bad cops, as you get good mechanics and shit mechanics. its the way of life but when cops abuse their power it gets me really pissed off
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    "dont call me mate because im not your mate"?

    listen here mate, I dont care if your the priminister, you still wouldnt be able to force that sort of attitude on the citizens of this country. You sound more like robocop then a service to society.

    Saying mate, is esentially an Aussie thing. We say mate to peolpe we dont know all the time and its part of our friendly nature and gesture towards our fellow human beings, unless the police force consider themselves above this.

    It is nothing new these days that the police are revenue makers and would give you a fine every chance they get. First us citizens help pay for your wages and on top of that the only graditude that is shown is heavy fines which keep increasing.

    I havnt been to a plice academy but i can just imagine your trainers giving you a course before you graduate on how to slap fines on every one you see. Now days its, "get the ones with sports cars" for no proven reason. The police are Suckers for Today Tonights corny docos on street racing etc.

    Every single study that has been done into accidents and saving lives on the road point away from us people with sport cars.

    NRMA is blaming the roads for the majority of accidents.
    A study that was in the sunday telegraph, says that the majority of deaths when it comes to driving is cause by side impact and that the majority of the people who are having these sorts of accident are 30+. Also states that hoon like behaviour has no part in it. So please dont come here on a sports car forum and act like our baby sitter giving us rule and regulations. I think you need to read your own law book where it states that you can go through an amber. Shows your attitude when your saying citizens will receive a fine whether its red or amber.

    Hope i didnt offend you, but i probably did and i guess thats what you were expecting and maybe you will appreciate it ;)

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    ak, that's what I'm talking about

    They obviously think that they are above the law, every time i pull the car out i get a fine of some sort, i am always nice to the cops to, My cuz is a detective I'm melb so that's good for me but i don't have to like it. you cops always have a reason for absolutely anything and we the actual citizens cant say anything because you cops will just slap more fines on us for doing nothing , and you no that's true. if you come on this site just to preach go elsewhere. Don't you dare come on this forum and give me your rules and regulations, what to do, and what not to do, who the hell are you????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

    p.s i dont meen to upset any other zeder but these cops are really begining to think the are top shit.

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    Personally, I thank you for the time and trouble you

    have gone to in creating your post.
    I feel you have opened Pandora's box, I but I figure that you know that already.
    Every one has good and bad days, the most important thing for me on the public side is politeness with out being patronising, and open mindedness and politeness also from the police.
    I am in retail with my own business, and quite frankly, it can be a difficult proposition dealing with the public and their attitudes, and foibles on a daily basis. I don't know how the police put up with us with all the additional pressures they have to face.

    Now I recently had an incident with an officer from the Logan office traffic branch back in October 2006, which I have posted and documented, so I won't re-live it here, but in that instance, the officer must have had a bad day, and I was the patsie of the moment. That is the only incident in 20 years of driving, where I have been given either a fine or a hard time where it wasn't deserved. So maybe I was unlucky, or maybe I have been lucky, I guess it depends on your perspective.

  10. Shifter

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    Hes been a member of this forum

    for almost 3 years (which seems to be longer than you) and I for one am glad we have someone like him willing to post on here.

    While he says he's prepared for the 'hate' mail, I think for people to direct their anger or hatred of police to him is undeserved.

  11. I8URV8

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    My mum once told

    me, "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all"

    After reading this post, I have nothing to say.
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    be it retail business or a public service .. the public is

    THE CLIENT/THE CUSTOMER ... seems the modern approach has twisted the shit out of what the relationship should be .. the point now seems to have been reached where those frigging clients/customers are just a pain in the rectum .. just get in the way .. and just a heap of trouble ..... shame .....:( :( :( :( :(
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    This is exactly the reason why you guys have so much trouble when pulled over and spoken to.
    Where did any of you get the idea that you have to be respected?
    You EARN respect.
    You EARN it by your attitude toward others, your observance of the Law and of common courtesy, not by DEMANDING it, by COMMANDING it.
    When you have a difference of opinion with a Police Officer(or any other person who has been granted the AUTHORITY to instruct you in how to behave), show them the respect that they are entitled to be shown by virtue of the power they have been given permission to exercise(that's what living in a civilized community is all about, behaving in an acceptable manner, a manner acceptable to the community, NOT a manner acceptable to you alone).
    We are blessed to be living in a society that is governed by the "Rule of Law", respect that fact and you won't have a problem as a general rule.
    Otherwise you will be subject to the "Law of the Jungle", and in that environment, "He with the biggest teeth wins". Not a very fair and equitable situation in most cases.

  15. tom@pzp

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    How long have you been in the force for?

    Yes you may be a police officer but I don't agree that you all hold the same values that you speak of.

    I respect law enforcement officers, I do call them sir and I do get out of my vehicle when I am pulled over. I feel it is good manners to do this and never had any problems.
  16. zed4life (zedcare.com)

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    Thread unfortunately will be closed if it continues to

    become a witch hunt against the thread starter.

    Will be a pity because I think the author has some good advice and does not personally deserve the abuse ...

    Nobody is forcing or preaching to anyone ... This individual has not done anything to anyone except to offer some free opinions on how to lessen the chance of getting a fine / demerit points ... How is this being construed as a bad thing????

    Don't ruin it for everyone else please.
  17. badxtc

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    that's just an opinion shifter.

    by the way iv been on the forum way longer the 3 yeas my friend, but its not about the forum , nore the good people on it , nore the length of time they spend on the forum. its about respect, in order to get respect you need to respect. learn that good its just a key to life.

    in all fairness he asked for it and i gave it to him.

    i work with the feds all day, every day. and the crap that this guy was spinning is amazing, coming on the forum and telling you how to act so as you dont get fined even more , what is the telling you.

    we should start taking them to court when that step out of line with the shit they talk when they pull us over.

    i don't have time for people that don't respect anyone and think they are better then everybody else. just the way i am, so take it as you will, but thats just the way it is.

    cheers alex
  18. CHILI

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    To those of you who just don't understand the rules in our society.

    Please read and absorb the following from Websters Dictionary:

    Main Entry: police force
    Function: noun
    : a body of trained officers entrusted by a government with maintenance of public peace and order, enforcement of laws, and prevention and detection of crime

  19. djozzie

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    Red/Amber lights

    The offence is actually "disobeying a traffic control signal".

    Green = Go.
    Amber = Stop if safe to do so.
    Red = Stop.

    Now the lights cycles to amber for 3 seconds on a 60km/h road and for 4 seconds on an 80 km/h road (I can't remember off the top of my head which duration a 70 km/h limit uses).

    Assuming a driver paying attention to their driving, travelling at the posted speed limit, this is ample time for that person to stop if it is safe to do so.

    Now, obviously if it changes a second before you enter the intersection, then you don't have time to pull up and stop safely, so you can legally go through it. The only issue that you will have is if you see it changing to amber up ahead and make no attempt to slow down and stop and go through the light. Yes, you made it a split second before it went red, but you still made no attempt to stop safely, thereby committing the offence.

    If you were given a ticket for running an amber (which would almost never happen), you could fight it saying that you did not think it was safe to stop at that time - maybe the car behind seemed to be travelling too close and you felt that if you stopped at the light it would cause an accident? The cop would then have to countermand that and prove that it was safe to stop. Not that I am saying which way Civic Compliance or the court would go on that one, but I would think that the driver would have a better than average chance of winning.

    In almost 6 years in the police force, I can say that I have never given out a ticket for a red or amber light unless that person caused an accident by running the red light.

    Random crap: Walking at a crossing against a red man is the same offence for a pedestrian and the same ticket.
  20. djozzie

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    Yeah I still have the red TT.

    I thought I was too quiet, blended in and was rather unmemorable on that day. I am surprised that someone remembers me, thank you!

    I won't be going on any cruises or anything like that for quite some time now. The car is looking like it needs the engine out for a host of repairs, so I am driving my girlfriend's little Hyundai Excel in the meantime.

    I will definitely be making more of an effort to attend events though and get to know you all better in person (to show that I am not a total robot).

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