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  1. Pepper

    Pepper 1991 N/A Slicktop

    I'm pinging underload between 2500-2800rpm

    Where should I start. What should I be doing.
    Code 55

    Just to confirm by pinging i mean;
    rattling noise, like tin in a can.

    I only tend to notice it in third and fourth gear, 2700~ under even only slight load.
  2. parker

    parker Been around for a bit

    retard the timing

    if no changes have been made. it could also be a bad batch of fuel. In which case drain it, keep in drum and refill and check again. If still doing it. Knock about 2 degrees off your timing and bobs your dogs cat
  3. Benny_C

    Benny_C About as subtle as...

    Or maybe running too much boost.
    What boost levels are you hitting Pepper? and also, are you running bigger intercoolers?
  4. Pepper

    Pepper 1991 N/A Slicktop

    Naturally Aspirated.

    Been doing it for a good while, it's not a bad batch of fuel.
    Also always use 95, 98 every now and again.

    Disconnected the CTS cleaned connectors.
    Now have Code 13.

    Wonder what happened there.
  5. rollin

    rollin First 9

    check your base timing when at operating temp
  6. Pepper

    Pepper 1991 N/A Slicktop

    Unsure of how to do that.

    Re-cleaned CTS connectors.
    Reset ECU.

    Back to Code 55.

    I'll update tonight after work, what else should I be checking?
  7. ryzan

    ryzan Moderator Staff Member

    Has your ecu been retuned? There should be no reason for an na to be pinging unless the timing is all whacky. If you're using consult to check your error codes you can get a readout to determine if the cas has been adjusted. Should be 15 degrees at warm idle.
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  8. stumagoo

    stumagoo Active Member

    the 15 deg consult reads is a programedd parameter, the ecm assumes the base idle is set to 15 deg and modifies it according to the maps, you need to get the engine warm and do a regular timing check with a timing light to ensure it is set to 15 deg sothat it is in line with them ecm's prgram
  9. ryzan

    ryzan Moderator Staff Member

    Ah, my mistake then :eek:
  10. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master

    Do you have the EGR??

    or has it been removed?
  11. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    This is all assuming it really is an audible ping that he's hearing...

    Whats the general engines health like?

    I know on our zed with a tired engine and a funky ecu chip change of unknown regions, it pings a lot. This coupled with a low compression and overall wear and tear. Worse going up hills when engine is under more load (around that 2500-3200 rpm range). Also the auto keeps it bogged down in that pre ignition range, which doesnt help it.

    After all the years we've had it... hasnt really affected it at all. haha. Not ideal but its just what happens. Up until it gets all renewed. 98 BP fuel doesnt help at all - and its all we ever use in it.

    You say its been happening for a while. When? What happened to first make you aware of it?

    When was your last fuel filter change. For your next belly full of fuel put some good 98 in it and see what happens. For it to be a sudden change, albeit a while ago now, its either due to a timing problem, which is usually CAS related, or simply the fuel supply is compromised. New filter and good fuel. Give it a whirl, but also do yourself a favor and get a timing light and eye ball what it's running at.
  12. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    Also if your CTS wasnt operating correctly the aux fan would turn on regardless of coolant temps. Does it?

    Yes the CTS can read out of range marginally, but if it was that bad to the point it was altering the fuel/timing maps you would feel the difference through the seat of your pants. Have you found the zed to be less responsive than normal?
  13. Pepper

    Pepper 1991 N/A Slicktop

    Power loss has been noticeable for about a month.
    Just doesnt respond on the throttle very well.

    Engine is average id say
    Everyhing is bog stock.

    210,000 on the clock.
    Major service done at 203,000

    Coolant levels are always maintained.
    Oil levels checked regularly, no internal problems that i know of.

    EGR is where it should be, too obscure and hidden to physically get to it to check the connectors.

    Aux fan has not come on,
    Although i did not start the engine while cleaning the CTS, and didnt start it while giving error 13.
  14. Peter Black

    Peter Black Active Member

    Probably also worth checking the positioning of the base timing bolt on the CAS too.
  15. Pepper

    Pepper 1991 N/A Slicktop


    Just took the Z for a bit of a diagnostic pull down to Caltex.
    All I've done is clean the CTS connector and Reset the ECU.

    I gave it a pull down the highway in 2nd and third.
    The pinging has gone and its accelerating hard.

    Surely this cant be over.

    Can someone explain?
    ECU issue?
    Im confused.
  16. Pepper

    Pepper 1991 N/A Slicktop

    From my little knowledge if the CTS was reading incorrectly wouldnt i be running rich?
    Could it also make u run lean?

    Isnt running lean one cause of detonation?
  17. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    Running lean can cause pinging but not so detrimental as such on an na. On an na it would feel as if you're running out of legs. Running out of fuel feeling. Timing would be a bigger factor for pinging on an na just as it is on a tt. Regardless to say pinging on any engine isn't healthy. Just that an na is more forgiving compared to a tt with boost. I'm still thinking it's a fuel supply issue. When was the filter last changed?
  18. Pepper

    Pepper 1991 N/A Slicktop

    CAS bolt's look to be dead centre.
    Keep in mind I don't know alot about engine timing.

    Fuel filter was changed 5000kms~ ago.

    Been using a cheap $30 pod filter for a few months.
    Any correlation?

    to give a rough estimate, it sounds like this video here.
    Just louder and generally only in the 2700~rpm range

    The rattle at 3seconds~
  19. Pepper

    Pepper 1991 N/A Slicktop


    I will say I did notice the pinging a few weeks after I got the 100k service done.

    Was never happy with the service.
    The Timing Belt will squeak for a second during a cold start in the morning after the belt was replaced.

    Gah I need a damn mechanic.
  20. pexzed

    pexzed Forum Administrator

    Your timing belt won't squeak. It has teeth and if it slips you'll certainly know about it in a bad way.

    You are probably hearing a drive belt squeak (alternator / water pump etc) for a second on startup.

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