Photos from Zedfest #1 Gilgandra

Discussion in 'Post Event Discussion' started by chewy, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. KEZA

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    Great memories there Chewy.
    Even some photos of my Zed that I haven't seen before. Rego Z32TT.
    Golfers are - Chili, ?, Keza, Wizard, Oni, Kzed, Aza.
  2. KEZA

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  3. KEZA

    KEZA Zed Fiend

  4. K-zed

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    FYI, I have most original pics stored on a HDD.
    Chewy's collection possibly covers much of Gilgandra. Memo to self: upload to cloud and share ...

    NB: Kerry, I was hardly a 'golfer' ... but it was fun and helped work up a thirst.
  5. KEZA

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    If I remember correctly Rob, it didn't take much to work up a thirst on any occasion.
    Fond memories of times gone by. :)
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  6. ZEDDUDE"ette

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    OMG_I managed to get back onto the site tonight, and have taken such a trip down memory Lane.
    Where has time gone. Life got in the way..........

    I am going to do some bragging now, just because i can.

    I thought I had the best Ass ever (that is, my red zeds butt), thank you who ever labelled my Butt "FatAssZed"

    My second brag is having 2 x trophies that have pride and place at home, they have been kept safe behind glass, and often put a smile on my face. I recall allot of Awesome's that night, I sat with the most wonderful people and remember what an amazing weekend it was.
    Thank you to the beautiful people who I will always treasure in my heart.

    Here's sending Best Wishes to you all for Great Health, lots of Laughter, Joy, Happiness and sharing in such wonderful memories.

    Tereza B ZEDDUDE"ette

    wish me luck, to get pics to load, will try the upload file version, cant remember the URL attaching pic process.

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