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Discussion in 'Member's Garage' started by DUB, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. DUB

    DUB BRAMIS Photography

    Well I've been pretty absent for the last 18 months or so. Decided to go do other things like travel overseas some more and pursue other things. I put the Zed under a cover and there it sat while I thought of what would be achievable. A little out of the box thinking of the long term kind:rolleyes:

    I have been buying motors, turbos, intercoolers etc and it's time to get into it with the Z Nationals accomodation booked in for a timeline finish.


  2. WhiteNight

    WhiteNight Littering and...

    Any info on anything apart from to say your back from the grave? :)

    Throw us some ideas of what the plans are?

    Big turbos? Meth injection, supercharging. A v8 engine in the boot?? Rocket power???
  3. DUB

    DUB BRAMIS Photography

    Actually I should have gone on a bit more so thanks for the questions.

    I gave huge power some serious thought, and while this may be really attractive for bragging rights and dyno days I really couldn't see the reason why I needed huge power, so I've decided to work with what I've got. One of the best motors provided to the general market for it's size. What really seams to be the first thing people say when they lift the bonnet is "I really wouldn't want to work on that!" So I'm taking out as much from the bay as possible while still being able to drive it from one side of the country to the other. Less is more. Integrate with the technology that it all came with but try to make it look more up to date, hide, re-route, think outside the box.

    The interior is great but no-one got to see the suede and the detail stitching because of the over-heating motor just before the Phillip Is. Nationals, so that's all sorted, I just have to make a few tweaks here after looking at what's new in the OEM/ Luxury class market.

    If it all goes well and on time I'll throw some serious effort into the undercarriage too, but that will mean a trailer ride to get to Nationals instead of the road trip. Although I do think it will be just a tidy up and detail. Powdercoat, polish etc.

    Either way I'm pumped and enjoying working on it again. The wiring is all being re-routed, and this time I'm pulling off the guards and engine out (obviously) to do it properly. The engine is a power steering pump, oil cooler and starter motor disconnection away from being able to be lifted out, and if you look closely I've started marking off the things that need welding up or completely removed.
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  4. Lil' Baz

    Lil' Baz I Love Skeptics!!!

    Sounds cool! :cool:

    Are you re-vamping anything on the outside? Kit, paint, rims etc? Or just concentrating on the streamlining the engine bay?
  5. DUB

    DUB BRAMIS Photography

    Might go back to a 2K spec front bar as long as it's the same drop as the current Bomex bar.
    I think some nice billets or 3 piece rims would finish it off too, but for now it's just streamlining the bay, although there's going to be a LOT of work going on in there :cool:
  6. 300ZXC


    I like the idea of the 2k spec bar ;)
    Can't wait to put mine on, and it'd be awesome on the DUB-Mobile :p
  7. Benny_C

    Benny_C About as subtle as...

    The 2k spec bar sits higher than the bomex. I actually think that would be a step backwards for your work of art imho :eek:

    btw, thanks for the updates. Will be watching your progress. :zlove:
  8. WazTTed

    WazTTed Grease Monkey

    haha still no big turbos ey !!!! mate your car is spectacular. what more can you really do :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  9. loud'n'proud

    loud'n'proud Challenge Accepted

    Agreed, I think the styling kit and such looks great the way it is.

  10. DUB

    DUB BRAMIS Photography

    Ah ok, cheers Ben, might leave the 2K bar off then. The bay should work out good I think :)

    Aww shucks, thanks Simmo. I didn't say I wasn't putting bigger turbos on, just not huge power. I put some GT2530 cores in some standard housings instead
  11. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member

    very interested to see pix and info on wat u do. After all it is the build section :p

    Cant wait to see how u re route everythin in the bay as im in the same boat atm. My batt is goin in the boot. Cruise control and fuel filter in where the batt use to be. Fuse box either where the batt use to be or behind the front bar under the nose. Power steering res next to master cylinder. I think thats pretty much it.

    Good luck with it
  12. lidz

    lidz Well-Known Member

    If your after the look of the 2k bar but lower then why not source an escort or evolution bar, essentially the same thing but with a lip.

    Sounds like your really going to raise the bar with the next round of 'revisions'!
  13. Romonski

    Romonski And Justice For All

    2nd bomex > 2k
  14. zedboy

    zedboy Active Member

    Pics!!! which bar is this?

  15. BIGRED

    BIGRED 90 z32 TT geko

    love the dish on the back...
  16. SIM300


  17. lidz

    lidz Well-Known Member

    ^^^ this is the evolution

    this is the escort


    escorts reasonably popular in the states as its sold by z1, collegeboys widebody has it too.

    evolution is available on yahoo auctions for circa $500 plus shipping & used escorts pop up almost every month for slightly less, plus available through z1.

    cheers, Tim
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  18. mr zed x

    mr zed x chassis scrubbin..

    1400 delivered for an escort front from Z1.
    800 for the bar + 500 post.

    i will soon be getting one for my zed build :D
  19. Zano

    Zano Member

    Lol,There remanufactured 2k bars,one has a lip an the other has a bulge on each side
  20. s_t_r_e_t_c_h

    s_t_r_e_t_c_h flammin zed!!

    this is the tuffest black zed.. i was excited when i got my calender and found this car for february, being my birthday month..

    best car by far, huge inspiration.. can't go past black and chrome!! when done right..

    dub all the way..

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