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  1. DUB

    DUB BRAMIS Photography

    The rolling shell is gone so everything else plus all the Z spares I have accumulated over 15 years of ownership are going too. A lot of this stuff is brand new or hardly used condition.
    If it’s not listed I might have it but I generally only bought hard to get items to store for later. No more Z means no need for them anymore.
    PM for pricing.

    The big ticket items.
    Full Italian leather and suede interior to suit 2 seater, including all rear upper and lower hatch trims, seats, console, door cards, crash pad, lower dash, and seat surrounds. A1 condition. $4000ono

    Rebuilt VG30DETT long engine. 0kms. Assembled by Geoff Kendrick well known for his Speedway engines. Machined block. Forged rods and pistons. Cometic head gaskets. L19 ARP head studs (upgraded from normal ARP head studs which I still have so are available for sale separately) ARP rod bolts. New oil pump. Reconditioned heads. Full gasket kit. New timing belt and pulleys. Carbon fiber-look timing cover. Will handle a ton of boost and safely produce high levels of power. Comes with engine stand. $8000 ono

    Garrett turbos 0kms. Completely rebuilt by Per4manz using GT2530 cores. Comes with brand new AMS Max Flow manifolds. Perfect for fast spool and high power. $2300

    Wilwood 320mm Superlite brakes. Polished calipers (could do with a re-polish). 2 piece slotted rotors bought brand new and have done minimal work. (Z sat for 8 years) Braided lines. Had new pads installed. Have a new seal kit to go with them and second set of used pads which were replaced when the new rotors went on. Incredible performance. $1200

    Ashspec Massive SMIC. These are brand new. Never used. Insanely thick and all you’d ever need for a Z making top-end power. $1000 ono

    ATI Superdamper. Brand new. Has been installed onto the new engine only. $420

    Windscreen and targa moldings. Set of 4 pieces. Brand new for 2 seater. $300

    Ceramic coated intake system. Makes the engine bay look incredible. Upper Intake with new IAC, plus standard throttle bodies and TPS. Hard pipe conversion also ceramic coated along with coated standard intercooler piping. Complete. $500. Will include custom made and polished bar and plate FMIC for $200 more. Will also include coated inlet and outlet coolant pipes with pipe work as it has the same matching ceramic coating.

    Ceramic coated alternator and bracket $200

    BDE low profile engine mount kit. Brand new. Painted gloss black. Allows fitment of much bigger turbos. $400

    Ceramic coated split dumps with sensors. $300

    Bomex front bar. Modified for FMIC $300

    Garage Impul side skirts. Best looking out there IMHO and perfect fitment. Have a few scratches underneath and leading edge rash. $350

    TT starter motors. 2 available. One with heat shield still in place. $50 each.

    Machined TT manual flywheel. Ring gear perfect. $150

    There’s boxes and boxes of more parts, but this will do for a start.

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  2. Blue300

    Blue300 Member

    Hi mate.

    Im interested in the engine, does it come with any sort of warranty
  3. Central QLD Z

    Central QLD Z Member

    I'll take the mouldings and 1 of the starters thanks.

    Perhaps to make it worth your while to bundle up and send to me, would you also happen to have:
    T-Top Cases?
    The linings for the underside of the T-tops?
    Factory Manual?
    Hatch Cover/lining? <That extendable screen doobie

    My postal code is 4701 in Qld for an approx postage cost.
    Happy to take this to PM when you get back to me mate.
  4. DUB

    DUB BRAMIS Photography

    H’day mate, I’d say the warranty would have run out by now as it’s been stored for a few years. Saying that it was built by one of the top engine guys in Perth. Well known for his speedway engines that take a punishing for lap after lap at top revs.
    Get in touch by phone and we can discuss it in more detail.
  5. DUB

    DUB BRAMIS Photography

    Sorry the mouldings have already gone, but yes we can chat via PM. Have some of the things you’re after.
  6. J3bba

    J3bba He Who Struggles

    I don't suppose the dumps are 5 bolt and 3 inch?
  7. DUB

    DUB BRAMIS Photography

    Sorry sold already.
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  8. lockmi

    lockmi Member

    Hey Mate

    If it's not too much hassle, do you have any pics of the interior?


  9. DUB

    DUB BRAMIS Photography

    9A49838F-9E3A-48EE-8756-0FDD5FC775FA.jpeg 86AF3ABB-971D-4E5A-8657-DEEC5A5AB94F.jpeg 9A49838F-9E3A-48EE-8756-0FDD5FC775FA.jpeg 9A49838F-9E3A-48EE-8756-0FDD5FC775FA.jpeg 86AF3ABB-971D-4E5A-8657-DEEC5A5AB94F.jpeg
    That’s all that will upload off my phone. PM me your number and I’ll send you some better pics.
  10. beaver77

    beaver77 New Member

    Is trim still for sale?
  11. DUB

    DUB BRAMIS Photography

    Yes still available.
  12. DUB

    DUB BRAMIS Photography

    Item still available:
    Full interior trim
    Garage Impul side skirts
    Wilwood brakes
    TT starter motors
    Machined TT flywheel
  13. Mikhail

    Mikhail New Member

    Wilwoods still available?

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