Other Nissan thrashbox subframes

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  1. rodo

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    See John's post #4 while u are waiting - pics of Z32 against R34
    My next step is to go to Jolly Roger at Dandenong with a tape measure n c if it will fit
    RWC will go a lot easier if its all factory
    I've got Q45 axles 30 spline (6 bolt) same as TT but a bit longer and Q45 R200 diff
    This will all fit in a NA subframe with TT hubs on the outer ends
    R34 Geometry would be better
    Then u can look at R34 Front suspension to complete the package

  2. Singhy

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    Sorry for taking Ages to get measurements. This is the S14 subframe. all dimensions are centre to centre and would be within a mm. i stat the subframe mount points horizontal and checked with level to make sure it was straight. The heights at the bottom are from the floor to the tops of the bushes (so their is like 5mm of the centre that sits higher).

    I havnt had the chance to do the z32 subframe cause i havnt visted the parents for a little while (thats where the subframe is haha) but im sure you have or someone has a z32 subframe they can measure in the meantime.
  3. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    Man that's awesome, thanks heaps. I can measure my own subframe since it's on stands anyway. Will post back...
  4. Singhy

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    no worries, actually keen to see how close it is. if its close enough to make it work, ill most likely go in that direction and chuck that subframe into mine.
  5. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    I'm really hoping that it might even be as simple as using the GKtech bushings. I was going solid anyway :p
  6. Singhy

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    Fingers crossed it is! i've got solid in mine, helped a bit with tramp, but still the rest of the subframe needs work as well, it still tramps off the line and out of corner when drifting sometimes. but I guess running a locker on street for 12 months doesn't help the rear end haha :rolleyes:
  7. Roy

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    Are you sure the S13, Z32 and R32 are the same as the later model S14/15, R33/34 uprights (knuckles)

    I get the Z32 and R32 are alloy and forks for lower shock mounts. But concerned the angle of the shick mounting point is different

    I have a complete R33 GTR rear end in my car. I have used R32 upper control arm and radius rod(traction rod) to bolt to the R33 upright

    Seems the R33 and R32 uprights have different part numbers. But that could be to do with width of shock mount as they have a different bush in them. Keen to get this to work but don't want to fork out for R32 GTR uprights if thats not the fix

    Screenshot_20180805-095832_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20180805-100031_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20180805-095841_Chrome.jpg

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    Was there ever a definitive answer on whether the subframes work?

    I'm after subframe bushings and want to know if the nismo ones for other cars, such as the S chassis or R32/33 would possibly fit
  9. ryzan

    ryzan Black Mesa? Fat chance...

    Nope. Z32 bushes are about 10mm deeper.
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    Holy Encyclopaedia Batman!

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