Other Nissan thrashbox subframes

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Anti, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

  2. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    R32 GTR can be done. Fleet's racecar had one installed. Different diff ratio.
  3. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    Do you know if it was a straight bolt up?

    Any other benefits? Seems like a lot of effort for gearing alone lol
  4. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    Can't recall specifics, I have a hunch possibly greater selection of diff centers
  5. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

  6. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    i have also heard of r32 diffs and subframes being used.

    lots of 32gtr diffs designed to handle serious horsepower out there.....
  7. ryzan

    ryzan Black Mesa? Fat chance...

    You can just run the na subframe if you want to run r200, much cheaper than sourcing a gtr cradle. What're you trying to accomplish though?
  8. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    I'm interested in working out the best OEM geometry available before picking a subframe up down the track to rebuild/modify.
  9. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    thats going to be a hard question to answer becuase of your plans to run a lower than usual ride height.

    the oem geometry will be completely changed with the planned ride height, and most of the info your going to find will be for cars with stock or near stock heights

    probly most info might be from track cars............
  10. ztoy

    ztoy Autospark Evolution

    You'll have to forgive me if Im wrong but from memory the major reason for going the GTR diff route is for the strength in the half shafts(stub axles). I remember reading it in a drag racing forum once. Buggered if I can find it now :p

    While the diff is still a R200 the GTR half shafts are 30 or 31 spline just like the Z32TT's, where as the stock NA z32 halfshafts are 29 spline. I think the GTR are 6 bolt shafts too, Not 5 like the NA z32.
  11. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    Oh I know. I already am planning to install additional raised suspension pickup points for components such as both control arms, toe rods and traction rods (chassis mounted for the latter as after raising the subframe and pickup points the pickup point will hit frame rail). Just one aspect of a pretty wide subframe project.

    Like this; picture is of a modified 2+0 subframe with extended mounting flanges for traction rods (they have space above the traction rod mounts, 2+2s don't).


    It simply pays to start with the best devised system for the intended purpose before starting the modification process.
  12. Shane001

    Shane001 Well-Known Member

    Apparently (as I was told by someone who used to race one) the R32 rear end anti squat geometry is similar to the Z32, but Nissan fixed this with the R33 on, hence why apparently R32's are upgraded with R33 subframes. But Nissan never fixed this with the Z32.

    So if you were looking to swap out for a GTR subframe, you'd probably want to look R33. Jump on SAU and do some research. Be interested to hear what you find.
  13. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    That's what I've heard in the Skyline game too. I don't know what I'm aiming for, I'm just seeing what can be done.

    The S13 boys fit S14 and S15 subframes I believe for the same reason. Broadly speaking it seems like the later 90's cars receieved updated geometry; S14 & 15, R33 & 34, compared to S13 and R32.

    I'd really love to see a comprehensive breakdown article comparing knuckles, subframes and steering racks from the Z32, S13, S14, S15, R32, R33, R34, Stageas, Cefiros and Laurels.
  14. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    based on that broad overview of later model nissans get better gear, it mat be worth checking out if the post 96 z32 or later gets a different subframe part number, might point to the same kind of late life upgrades.....
  15. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    Electric HICAS.
  16. Singhy

    Singhy Member

    S13, R32, R32GTR subframe are exactly the same (if we are talking about the bare frame only) . the only part better about a R32 GTR subframe is: stock 2way nismo diff, bigger driveshafts and hubs (same as the z32 tt), and the bolt on subframe brace and alloy knuckles.

    R33, r34, s14, s15 subframes are exactly the same. They modified to aid in Squat and hence gain traction. the other good thing about these subframes is the fact that they have a wider track than the older subframes mentioned (about 40-50mm). from what ive seen by having them side by side is that the camber arm mount and traction mod mount are already higher than the older subframes.

    To bolt the later style subframes into s13/r32 , all you need is offset solid bushes and bam, bolt in.

    A z32 subframe has the exact same geometry as S13, and R32 subframe except that they are wider (widened between suspension components so all components are the same). not sure how much wider but i can check as I have an s14 subframe and z32 subframe out of cars atm. Seeing as the newer style subframes are wider and so are the z32 subframes, their is a good chance that they may be almost a bolt in (ill be measuring up the s14 subframe to see how close it fits) . Seeing as Nissan Made all the other subframes the same, I see no reason why the z32 subframe will be hugely different.

    As for arms and knuckles, All knuckles can be bolted up to every style of subframe, with only difference being coilover mount points and ball joints. ASAIK all the lower control arms are the same, but I have heard that r34 and s15 lower control arms are wider apparently (but I havnt found anymore info on that). Their is difference between camber arms between newer and older style subframes.

    ATM i have s13 knuckles in my z32, just due to r32/s13 rear coilovers being cheaper than z32 haha.
  17. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    ah that's bloody awesome! Thank you so much.

    Want to be a champion and measure up that width difference between your S14 and Z32 rear subframes? What style RUCA does it use? Could you also check the bushing locations - if putting in a "later style" subframe to a Z32, will the offset bushings be required or will the Z32's standard girth make up the difference?
  18. Singhy

    Singhy Member

    I will be doing that for you when i get the chance (might take me a little while as each subframe is at a different place haha, but ill try and do it within a week).
    I know the later style subframes use a different camber arm (RUCA) as the camber mounting point sits slight further back (and hence hits the coilover if you use the early style arms).
  19. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    Cool cool man, keen to hear back. I have seen the R34 style FUCAs you are referring to.

    I should also state that I have no intention of changing my diff...
  20. ryzan

    ryzan Black Mesa? Fat chance...

    If you're going to modify the mounting points anyway why not just do that with your stock subframe? Saves you trying to adapt your diff to another subframe.

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