Oni's Christmas Get-Together...

Discussion in 'Post Event Discussion' started by mikemd, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. mikemd

    mikemd New Member

    What can you say about a member who proudly drives a soon-to-be chipped monster blue Falcon and invites a bunch of rabid Zed owners into his home every year and turns on a great assortment of food and hospitality? Thanks??
    'Fraid that's the easy way. Geoff and his magnificent parents (Doris and Bill) play host to our motley crew year after year in the most welcoming and hospitable way one can imagine. From home-cooked pastries to barbied sausages and meatballs.... it's all there. No fuss, no drama. Just a huge welcome and gracious acceptance into their home.
    Great to see old faces after our recent sad passing of AngryBear; makes you realise we are all mortal despite how we might feel behind the wheel of our 'special' cars. Although numbers were down a little on usual it was a great night... evidenced by the fact of a 1am drive-off! And who was on the balcony waving us off? The Wyatts! Thanks folks! The work and effort put in to make this evening such a success is appreciated much more than you realise. Thanks to Geoffo for the magnificent automated background slide presentation of his recent holiday to the US... our boy certainly has an eye for the spectacular in all sorts of 'scenery'! No drawn-out commentary about each pic - and no phone numbers!;)
  2. pennyarvs

    pennyarvs New Member

    Missed out big time on this! And missed the great company that everyone has to bring! Sigh. Thanks for the invite, Geoffo...

    Post pics please...

  3. Stef

    Stef Active Member

    Sue and I had a great evening.

    Good to see some old faces again

    many thanks Geoff
  4. nick300zxtt

    nick300zxtt Member

    I got there a little after 10 as I had arvo shift but the hospitality was awesome! It was great to see those that were game to kick on and hear just how geoff has been passed down the demon genes lol. Thanks for welcomeing me at such a late arrival and I hope to get to the next get together a little more in time :)
  5. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    There is no event that Lynn & I look forward to more, than our annual Xmas invite to Geoffo's home and the opportunity to spend time with Bill and Doris(not to mention all the rag-tag Z hangers-on).
    The hospitality is legendary, the atmosphere so friendly and the time to depart for home so quickly upon us, that we can't wait for the next chance to do it all again.
    They truly are a wonderful family.
    We feel humbled by being included in these proceedings, year after year(it's like coming home after a long absence).

    Thanks again folks!
  6. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet

    2nd what the

    Teflon man said, always good to catch up at Geffo's
    merry xmas all.:zlove:
  7. Mikey5555

    Mikey5555 Grid Runner

    Good night, thanks again Geoff :D

    ZXDEVIL Active Member

    Wish i could have made it, car troubles unfortunately(dam fords :p), would have been good to catch up with everyone..
  9. nemz

    nemz nemz cam: active

    I wish I could have been there, unfortunately work is down a man, and I have been working longer hours to help out. :(

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