Oil prime pump recommendations?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by DUB, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. DUB

    DUB BRAMIS Photography

    I'm going to prime a fully rebuilt motor that has sat sealed for about 4 years now and never run. Only oils it's seen has been assembly oils etc. The process I intend to take is to attach hoses to the oil cooler intake and output and use a drill or hand operated pump to pump oil through the engine before I punch the starter motor for the first time. What kind of pump has anyone else doing the same thing used?
  2. Instamatic

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    Just fill the oil filter and turn the key.
  3. East Coast Z

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    It is unlikely the oil would circulate past the stationary engine oil pump using an external pump.
    Perhaps remove the spark plugs & crank it over until you are satisfied the oil has circulated.
    You could even cold compression test the engine to give you a baseline on cylinder pressures as part of the priming process.
  4. 90TTZ

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    Brad if it has been built properly the oil pump will be ready to go. You can easily check by turning over the motor with the starter without any plugs in with the oil filter off (with a pan underneath). You should get a nice stream of oil out within about 5 seconds of cranking. Once the oil comes out, fill the oil filter with oil and put it on then continue to crank the engine for about 40 seconds to lube the entire engine then you are ready to fire!

    I've once had the issue when the oil pump was not primed. By using the tapping point in the oil filter tree which has a bolt in it (LHD Oil Press Sensor) and using an oil can to push oil up to the oil pump and rotating the engine backwards by hand to prime the pump.

    I don't think your idea of using the oil cooler line will work as there is a big check valve at the start of that hose which requires 60PSI of oil pressure to open form the other direction.
  5. DUB

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    Thanks mate. I don't have any lines on the engine for the oil cooler just yet so I'm going to have to put a hose across the entry/exit points anyway. Would like to get as much oil to the bearings etc as possible before trying to start it for the first time.
  6. WazTTed

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    disconnect your cas and crank it over a few times should do the trick :)
  7. Instamatic

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    Did they use assembly lube on the bearings during assembly, or just oil? It'll be fine for you to just switch it on if it's the former.

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