[nsw] 300zx Twin Turbo Z32 2+2 \\\VeilSide/// for $11K only !!!

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by ISR2, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. ISR2

    ISR2 max payne

    seriously, why did you bother asking?
    i don't mind if you are jealous ...

    stay with your NA ... TTs are too powerfull for you, you wont be able to control it ... :cool:
  2. michandy

    michandy Active Member


    Yeah I think I would be feeling a bit let down, but hey at least you got one :)
  3. ugame

    ugame user #1

    I used auto trans. From Birssy to Perth cost was $1200 or something. (closed)

    BUT, at the last minute they said "car is too low. Front bar needs to come off"

    So front bar was sent using "Pack and Send" at the cost of $550

    So car came on truck with no front bar.

    I would also recommend you have any interastate car checked out either by yourself in person, good friend who knows thier shit, or RAC inspection.

    Allthough, as this is a nice looker, so long as thier's no chassie damage, you're pretty safe at the price. Hell even if the engine is a lemon, you could swap it out and still be happy. If you got the $$$ floating around.

    but yeah, as someone whos been there, id recommend inspections.
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  4. ISR2

    ISR2 max payne

    did u seriously paid 550 to send the front bar?
    its the price of a front bar brand new ...

    moreover, u can either leave it to the transport compagnie, or put it in the car ...
    it easilly fits inside of the car ... thats what i did to bring my original front bar home ...
  5. Hec7ic

    Hec7ic New Member

    Was just sharing my opinion

    Ok I was a little harsh but i just don't like it, but You obviously love your car and thats cool, everyones different mate. Yes my car may be slower but when my wallet finally permits she'll be goin sweet, still love it how it is thou, just needs more.
    Goodluck with your sale
  6. decus

    decus New Member

    Still FS?

    I am interested in flying down and driving it back if it's still FS.

    What's the go with the bodykit not lining up? In the 3rd pic the left side is sweet but there is a gap between the bumper and nose on the right?

    edit: Also in the first of the interior shots, it looks like the red vinyl on the drivers side is creased/folded over? Is it or is it just the photo.

    I don't want you to think I'm just nagging on ur car (apart from the spinners), I'm just a picky bastard :biggrin:
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  7. ugame

    ugame user #1

    its $11K

    If the chassie and engine are good, who gives a fk about a gap in the kit and folded leatherette. ITS $11K FFS

    *gets back in box
  8. decus

    decus New Member

    Hey, I was only asking.....11k is still 11k.

    I always look out for gaps in body kits....it can be a sign of damage (i'm not saying it is in this case).

    Anyway, I take it from your response that it's still forsale? I'll send you a PM
  9. ugame

    ugame user #1

    yeah i paid $550 to send the bar LOL. Was all last minute and I just wanted the damn car after so much time and hassle lol.

    But... i wasnt too fussed. As far as I was concerned, yes if i looked at it as "i spent $550 to ship the bar" thats bad.

    But if i looked at it as "I shipped THE WHOLE CAR, still within the $2K i budgetted, then thats ok"

    The owner did put the bar in the car, but transport companies get funny about anything being in the car. They specify NO SPARE PARTS to be in the car.

    I checked with them and they said the bar would be ok on this occasion. Then got a call from them saying "bar had to come out, was pressing on the windscreen and boot, and our dirvers wouldn't be able to see out the passenger side to line up with the truck."

    Now I know thats bullshit. You know thats bullshit. I reakon the guy from the trans company and the guy from the courier company (round the corner) were having gay s3x, but there ya go. Bar came on it's own, but still within my budget.

    PLus... $550 would buy you the bar...... but would it also get it primed, colour matched, and painted in Gun Metal Metalic with clear?

    Prob be a close call.
  10. ISR2

    ISR2 max payne

    im pretty sure, u give the guy $100 cash, he will shut his mouth if the bar is in the car ... lol
  11. ISR2

    ISR2 max payne

    i dont know if you noticed, but 'ugame' replied to you ... wasnt me ... :confused:

    yeah the car is still for sale, but things i forgot to say in the description is, that the car doesnt come anymore with the dvdplayer, subwoofer, chrome steering wheel (will put the original back on) and no polished air guide ...
    and the price is still the same: $11K for the first who brings the money ...

    things u need to know:

    i can smell a bit of petrol when i start the car, most probably a small petrol leak from 1 hose, need to check where it comes from.

    - there was a small dent on the front bumper, ive painted in the same red color over it. Its hard to notice on the picture, but u can see it if u are at less than 4m from the car ...
    - the rear left spinner is scratched, but the 3 other one r in perfect condition...
    - there is a small gap between the left side of the bar and the front fender because ive touched the ground when i went in an underground carpark ... so to fix it, u need to drill a new hole couple centimeters further to make a perfect fit ...
    - because of the hot temperature in the car in summer, some kind of air bubbles had been made under the red vinyl parts namely on the driver's door or on the rear seat panels.

    and u want to drive the Z to the QLD?
    well i drove my Z to ACT couple times without any problem, but i wouldnt try to QLD (dont trust enough Zs in general to make a big trip like that)

    i would recommend for u a transport compagny, even if it cost u couple more hundred dollars.

    MOREOVER if u live in QLD, ull get around $800 back from the current NSW registration ...

    if nobody buys the car within the next couple weeks, i will swap it + cash for a NA supra ... :eek: :eek: :eek:
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  12. Phoenix84

    Phoenix84 New Member

    Hey dude,
    This is the first time I noticed this ad, but your car looks great. I'm not a huge fan of the spoiler, but it all kind of matches well.
    If I didn't have one already, I'd seriously consider this one - good luck with the sale.

    PS, I'd be asking more for it myself.
  13. 300zsx

    300zsx ali

    hey m8 might be intrested

    hey m8 i might be intrested in buyin or swapd call me on 0421433723 to work sumthing out thanx
  14. ISR2

    ISR2 max payne

    fuel leak fixed.
    2 fuel hoses just needed to be more tight.
  15. ISR2

    ISR2 max payne

    ive had an offer today at $10K from a guy who came to look at the car !!!

    i keep the car until this weekend, if nobody want it for a bit more than $10K, ill sell it to him ... :( :(

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