[nsw] 300zx Twin Turbo Z32 2+2 \\\VeilSide/// for $11K only !!!

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by ISR2, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. ISR2

    ISR2 max payne

    well, i really can't keep my Z anymore ...
    i really need to get a non turbo car.
    Even if i bought a motorbike, i still need a cheap car to run for the raining days and when i'm going out with my GF and some of her friends who dont drive ...

    asking my Z for $11K which is ridiculous with all the extra on it (my insurance could even give me more money if i crash my car, or if it get stolen :eek: )

    Anyway its a twin turbo, manual, 4 seaters, red, 1989, 119000KM.
    It have convertible targa top, air conditional, central lock door, electric seat immobilisator, electric windows, power steerin.

    I've added:

    - Full VEILSIDE C2 bodykit
    - KATANA rear wing
    - front grill
    - 18 inches LENSO spinning wheels
    - rear tail light (ferrari style)
    - Huge Front Mount Inter Cooler (FMIC)
    - polished air guide
    - side indicators
    - 180sx front indicators
    - 300 km/h speedo
    - red vinyl trim kit
    - leather/vinyl seat black and red
    - VICTOR steering wheel
    - 2 GREDDY TYPE RS replica blow off valves
    - GREDDY turbo timer
    - APEXI air pod intake
    - 3.5 inches single sport exhaust
    - headlight cover
    - tinted windows
    - CARWATCH alarm + pager (around 1.5km from the car)
    - PANASONIC MP3 player CQC-7300N
    - 4 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 1 amplifier.
    - genuine rear infill panel

    new brake pads
    new clutch cylinders (master and slave)
    new hoses for the cooling system
    new water pump
    new timing and fan belt

    1 year rego (until august 2008)

    asking for $11K or swap for any non turbo car.

    click here to see a video of the car

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A low price because i have a boost leak comming from both of my blow off valves (cheap blow off from ebay) and make the car stalls sometimes when i push the car a bit and suddently stop at a red light.
    So u might have to fix this problem.
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  2. mr300zxxx

    mr300zxxx New Member


    hmm the problem you enlisted about the stopping kinda sounds like a slipping clutch i had with my old 300zx

    im interested in your car but im wondering if you would let me buy it for $10,000 because of the slipping clutch, take it to a mechanic and atleast get a quote or find out what the problem is so we know what were dealing with. if it is the clutch slipping. i would need to get an

    xcedy heavy duty clutch cost about $600-650 + $350-400 labour. so to get that replaced it would cost about $1000 extra anyway. :nono:
  3. ISR2

    ISR2 max payne

    thanks for the offer,
    the clutch is not slipering at all.
    there is a boost leak for sure, because when the car is hot, u can hear the engine going up and down for couple seconds then stay normal, thats hwy when i come fast at a red light and stop, sometimes it stalls.
    no black smoke coming out of the exhaust tho.

    im not ready to sell it under $11K yet...
    I was first askin for 13K, but because the next owner will have to fix this leak, i sell it for a cheaper price.
    the car is still driving well and i only use it the sundays or when its raining.
    and its for sale as it is.
    ive changed all the parts listed in the last 6 months. ;)
  4. 23BIGA

    23BIGA Still CruZin' +Parts4Sale

    Seems like a well priced Z. Is the non turbo car your getting going to be a Z??
    Good luck with the sale, it won't last long..
  5. ISR2

    ISR2 max payne

    well looks like it wont last long.
    A guy came on friday look n test the car (he will come in the beginning of the week to gimme a deposit until he get the full amount)
    he ofered me 10K and i keep all the stereo, neons, and even the steering wheel, haha.

    another one is comming monday and another one on wednesday ...

    i really like the Z, but a Z without turbo ... gosh it would be too heavy to push ... and consume too much petrol ...

    i might go for my always dream, the toyota celica 2000 model

    the final project of my celica might be a bit like that ... :cool:

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  6. overboostin007

    overboostin007 Slip and Slide


    hey mate very interested. Have cash. Would you take 10.5k. Could fly down and if i like it will pay in total up front. Does it have rwc etc? Anything need doing other then boost leak?
  7. SedatZX

    SedatZX Tyranus

    You will most likely fix your stalling problem once you get some quality BOV's. I had the same prob got some good BOV's problem was fixed. GL with the sale :)
  8. bigbaz

    bigbaz New Member

    nice car, pretty sure Max's problems are all to do with the BOVS, you can hear air leaking from them way too early in the rev range, really nice car and a lot of work done, just change of BOVS and it should be sweet
  9. ISR2

    ISR2 max payne

    boost leak fixed.
    Ive put the original bov on my car, there is no boost leak anymore, the car doesnt go up and down, and doesnt stall anymore ...

    still for sale tho.

    ZXDEVIL Active Member

    Hey, nice car, would probably go for something like this if i wasn't after a NA, love red. Were you driving through Gladesville last night? pretty sure i saw your car, if it was yours it looks hot in the flesh, you can pick that spoiler a mile away:D :zlove:
  11. ISR2

    ISR2 max payne

    haha, wasnt me ... i dont drive my Z during the week ... only my motorbike ...

    ZXDEVIL Active Member

    I swear it looked like it, theres a clone of your z going round,oh well...it was pretty dark and late, still nice car GL with sale:D
  13. ugame

    ugame user #1

    mother fuker

    Id have brought this and had the change to fix it too.

    damn it!!!
  14. ISR2

    ISR2 max payne

    i didnt get what u mean ...
    there is no use to swear as well ;)
  15. michandy

    michandy Active Member


    its still for sale tho is'nt it. so what you complaining about
  16. ugame

    ugame user #1

    I mean.........

    I just spent friggin $15K on a 2+2 TT Manual with veilside kit (except the front bar), + 2K shipping to WA

    The interior is SHIT too.

    Understand why i swore now?
  17. 300zx lover

    300zx lover THE F@%KEN ARAB

    i do!! ur angry lol
  18. Hec7ic

    Hec7ic New Member

    Man that's ugly

    How much if you keep the bodykit, nose panel, eyelids, taillights, wing, interior, wheels
  19. Western Z

    Western Z special member

    Hey ugame i was looking at buying this one myself , but transport company said they wont ship low cars , who did you use ? i was quoted $1200 was your price ($2000) from sydney or elswhere ?
  20. 300zx lover

    300zx lover THE F@%KEN ARAB

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