Nissan have produced a TWIN TURBO 370Z

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by ugame, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. ugame

    ugame user #1

  2. lidz

    lidz Well-Known Member

    And done a pretty nice job of it too! Really like the new nismo wheels
  3. DazzaZ32

    DazzaZ32 Active Member

    But it still looks ugly Sorry not a fan of the shape Like the wheels though o_O

    MORBOOST Member

    Awesome, was wondering when somebody was going to do this never thought it would be Nissan.

    that exhaust setup

  5. J3bba

    J3bba He Who Struggles

    Wasn't this pretty much the rumoured set-up for the Z35? And they'd call it the 400z because it'd make 400hp?
  6. ugame

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    Depends what day you listen to the "rumours".

    For ages, the "next Z" was meant to be a turbo 4.

    And shit....even Porsche have done that with the Cayman/Boxster lineup.

    And oddly, it spanks the flat 6's.

    I'd still argue a Nissan with a turbo 4 is a SILVIA, not a Zed....however give it 2 seats only....perhaps they have a point and I dont?
  7. J3bba

    J3bba He Who Struggles

    Kinda agree with you.

    The vr30ddtt makes sense to me though. Ticks all the right boxes, plenty of power, 6 cylinders, still leaves the vr38 as their premier performance engine and they'd have to do minimal R&D because it already exists.

    Here's hoping the Z35 is something worthy of the badge.
  8. subpowerz

    subpowerz New Member

    Hope this is a sign of things to come, the next Z will need to be turbo. The new Supra is looking hot and will most likely be direct competition to the Z.
  9. geron

    geron National Petroleum Equipm

    Nah, the next Z has to be full electric, 'TESLA killa'!

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