Nissan 300zx manual(na),for sale,$7,300neg

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by AL180sx, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. lc white z

    lc white z New Member


    I have previously had 2 zeds, the first a z31 which ended up in the scrap heap after a nasty meeting with a stobie pole (telephone pole to all you un-south aussies) and another car. So then my 2nd zed came around. Which i eventually decided to sell because it used to much fuel. Ended up finding out (after i sold it of corse) that is shouldnt have been using that much fuel and it only was because it had a blocked injector. So now i want a zed again. Driving a laser is not that exciting. Is it possible to get some more pics posted? or emailed to ?

  2. AL180sx

    AL180sx New Member

    ok shall send some more pics,its in Sandringham Victoria.
    can be transported to SA quite easily though.
    Yeah a zed is way more exciting than a laser!!
    contact me at
  3. AL180sx

    AL180sx New Member

    300 zx for sale,price neg.

    Sorry to the people that i had to put off..My Z is still available,thought i had it sold but sale fell through at last second.
    I'm asking $7,300 but will go lower as really need the cash now.
    Any offers??
    If you want more pics or any info or want your mechanic to look at it just email me at
  4. lc white z

    lc white z New Member

    is there anything wrong with it? or that needs fixing? or that will need fixing in the near future?
  5. AL180sx

    AL180sx New Member

    300zx condition

    no serious work is needed,only need to replace front left fog light lense and drivers seat has 2 rips in the upholstery and gear knob is worn.
  6. glaze

    glaze junior member

    I am very keen, unfortunately I need to sell my 06 XR6T to buy. I am off to Japan next sunday for 10 days but if I get a call about my car this week I will come and check yours out before I leave.

    If you can email me some more pics and info to that would be great.
  7. lobsta

    lobsta Godlike Member


    gday im interested in your zed is there a time this week can i come look? im in caulfield area
  8. AL180sx

    AL180sx New Member


    sorry i didn't get back to everyone who was interested,but i got such a massive response!Anyway thanks to the buyer.cheers:D
  9. hukie90

    hukie90 300TTorrr?

    sold to me :)
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