Nissan 300zx manual(na),for sale,$7,300neg

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by AL180sx, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. AL180sx

    AL180sx New Member

    Selling my 300zx z32,silver,5 speed manual,134,000km's on clock.excellent condition.P plate friendly.
    17 inch ssr dish rims,new tyres,a/market coilover suspension,lowered slightly,
    removable targa roof,2 seater,leather seats.
    built dec. 89
    mechanical check welcome,i'm in Victoria,Sandringham
    new cd/mp3 player,teac tweeter speakers.
    message me for photos or more details.Will send them via e mail.thanks
  2. owen

    owen New Member

    why so cheap? where in Sandy are you? ive got a gun metal grey one in Sandy too... are you the pizza guy?
  3. azzurro

    azzurro Boostin Outlaw

    hey bud..

    post up some pics... it will help alot...

    also.. with all the extras your aiming it a lil cheap... and usually youll get bargained down further! :eek:

    On another note, an experienced zed shopper will ask if the 100,000 service has been fully done? well at least a timing belt, auto tensioner and water pump minimum. But at 7,000... it doesnt matter.

    Post some pics and best of luck with the sale!
  4. AL180sx

    AL180sx New Member

    ha ha no i'm not the pizza guy!
    I'm in bluff rd.
    Reason for sale is i have 3 cars and at least one must go as i can't afford to insure and register them anymore.
    Also i've had plenty of interest but had trouble getting buyer, everbody seems to want a 4 seater with room for there kids.e mail me if you want pics.cheers
  5. AL180sx

    AL180sx New Member

    Thanks, priced cheaply for quick sale,car had new timing chains at 95 000 km's and was serviced at around 110 000 .3 pics below,if anyone wants more please email me
  6. ZedEx

    ZedEx Dr No

    300zx has timing belts, not chains :p
    nice looking zed. If i was still in the market for my first i'd have snapped this up in a flash. And i don't understand why people don't want 2 seaters. They're sexy as!
    good luck with the sale dude :)
  7. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

    Agree! 2 Seaters are great, I'm converting my 2+2 to a 2+0 :D

    I used to live in Sandringham, that was a long time ago... :rolleyes:
  8. 300zx lover

    300zx lover THE F@%KEN ARAB

    lol im the pizza guy. owen are you the guy with the gun metal zed?
  9. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    i guess so camel trader :bash: :bash: :p

  10. owen

    owen New Member

    yeh thats me, im in McLauchlin AVE off Bay rd

    yeh thats me, im in McLauchlin AVE off Bay rd
  11. cleary

    cleary New Member

    i'm looking to buy my first zed. i've looked at a few but didnt end up buying as i was doubting the gearbox as the gear linkages seemed abit worn out and the seller wouldnt allow my mechanic to look over it. anyways i'm interested in taking a look at you zed, just wanting a contact number and a few more photos if you could, send them to me at

    cheers, Cleary
  12. AL180sx

    AL180sx New Member

    The car is still available,have someone coming to look at it from interstate soon.
    i'm fine with you and your mechanic coming to check it over.
    will send some pics and my number by e mail.
  13. J3T SPD

    J3T SPD Lets J3T............(SPD)

  14. AL180sx

    AL180sx New Member

    ok shall hopefully send you pics tonight..had a lot of interest but car isn't sold yet.thanks
  15. malzx

    malzx malzx

    two seaters rule

    i don't really see the point in the 2+2

    you can't exactly take a girl into the "back seat"

    so there is no point

    go the two seater!!!!!!!!
  16. ckirkhoff

    ckirkhoff New Member

    You can pick up 3 girls at the same time :p
  17. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

    You can't really 'entertain' more than 2 at a time anyway. Which is exactly how many you can fit in the front passenger seat :rolleyes:
  18. ckirkhoff

    ckirkhoff New Member

    You wanna bet?? :biggrin:
    Ah well... I do agree. Its not very often I use the backseats, but every now and then I'm very pleased that they are there. It have happened a few times I have been driving around with 2 or 3 girls and it would have been sad if I had to leave them behind.
  19. AL180sx

    AL180sx New Member

    300zx,still available for sale,$7, to offers,need cash.

    This car is still available for sale,Any offers?
    This really is a bargain..Tanabe a/m suspension,SSR 17inch rims,leather seats,new stereo and speakers,in great running order!5 speed manual,targa top.$7,300 neg.cheers
    Email me at
  20. 300zex

    300zex Member

    Please send pics to my email Thanks.

    And any additional info about the car.
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