NISMO 370z Australia!!!!

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by ugame, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. ugame

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  2. Chrispy

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    Very reasonable pricing really!
  3. AndyMac

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    Pricing's pretty smart.

    Still looks a little dumpy and fat though.
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  4. ugame

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    Pricing is excellent I think.

    However when you sit back and look at it objectively, it's simply now more in line with global pricing.

    Let's not forget that Nissan will also be well aware of the import law changes coming into affect in 2018 which will allow the import of brand new cars.

    And lastly, the fact that boom times for Australia are gone, so they cant really take advantage of our stupidity like they used to.

    I'd also agree with Andy.

    I lusted after them when they first came out, however over time I have really gone off them.

    When you start looking at things like used Caymans, the 370 really does look like a high riding porker in comparison. And it's quirky angular styling (the thing I never liked about it) really has not aged well.

    All subjective of course.

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