Newcastle tech day

Discussion in 'Post Event Discussion' started by twozeds, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. twozeds

    twozeds New Member

    Had a great time and learnt a lot. Thanks to Brett for the venue and BBQ and to Peter for the consult and the expertise.
  2. PTR

    PTR Member

    Enjoyable Day

    We had our usual share of dead O2 sensors and TPS tweaking with all tech work completed before the rain hit. Thanks to Brett for hosting a successful day.
  3. juice

    juice New Member

    It was good to meet up with you guys.Thanks for the consult work peter and

    thanks for the snags brett. Look forward to going on a cruise with you guys soon.
  4. Bunni

    Bunni New Member

    Great meeting a few new people!

    Thanks to Peter for his help and for willing sharing so much information and Brett for the hospitality. All very much appreciated. Sorry we had to leave so early - next time will not double book a day!


    Veronica & Peter
  5. juice

    juice New Member

    Nice convertible you have there veronica. Let us know how you go with ur en

    gine and your cruise control. I could have done with some cruise control on the way home on saturday night. pretty much sitting on 140 the whole way back to sydney :p. Any of you newcastle guys going to go in the group buy for the radiator/engine whole length air guide.

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