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    UNIQUE ZED Zed Racing World

    Hey fellow Zed owners,

    We've just released our new site, and would really appreciate some feedback, good or bad, all types of critique will be duly noted, and not taken to heart.
    Here's the link to the new site http://www.uniqueautosports.com.au/.
    Some of you have probably typed in various web addresses in the past that have redirected to our site including: www.nismo.com.au , www.sparco.com.au , www.cusco.com.au , www.tomei.com.au , www.sportscarsales.com.au , www.racecars.com.au , www.sard.com.au , www.mags.com.au , www.racecars.com.au , www.apexi.com.au , www.200sx.com.au , www.gtr.com.au they will all direct to us. We are genuine retailers of all these companies.
    Temporarily, www.uniqueautosports.com is still active, and www.performanceimports.com.au redirects to our old site. We also have a number of other web addresses not linked just yet.

    This has been a few years in the making, it was such a big job, and was created by my sister, who does this for a living, has been a great help, as well as my eldest daughter and my wife. Some of the content needs to be updated.
  2. Jordz

    Jordz Fashionably Late

    Looks good, very proffesional.

    My only pointer i noticed is that its not very mobile friendly (ie long load time), but as a web page its looking good.
  3. A-Bris-Z

    A-Bris-Z Carcraze

    Looks great John, does seem to take quiet a while to load pages at the moment.
  4. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    Page two of z32 body kits, there are a few double ups. Not sure if the descriptions are just incomplete. But on the whole site looks good. As mentioned a bit laggy but quiet usable. Layout is similar to many others and simply it just works. So I'd give your sis and family a good thanking for doing a job well done.
  5. CT300

    CT300 New Member

    Big pat on the back! I think a few people have been wondering how far off an updated website was away!
    I have no problem with loading times.. I'm on an iPhone 4S with Telstra 3G and it loads as quick if not quicker than other similar sites. Might just be that I'm in a fairly city location?
    Look amazing.
    As you have mentioned.. Content could be updated, possibly expanded?
  6. UNX

    UNX ZX Unlimited

    Just a few minor tweaks with the products, but overall a great website John.
  7. z-alot

    z-alot Member

    Looking good! :thumbup:
  8. 8300zx9

    8300zx9 Active Member

    Maybe just the Pictures you have in your 'Parts Shop' of cars. Fairly inconsistent with quality. CZP's website would be a good reference of good quality crops of Cars in the same 'stylistic' way. I find it doesnt flow on from your other pages, in other words it appears to be on another website. If you get in contact with me John we could discuss the possibility of me doing some Stylized illustrations of the cars or sections so it flows a little better and looks professional?

    Other than that the overall feel and layout is well done :cool:

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