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    Having another crack at selling some things off...

    - Z33 accelerator & dead pedal covers, can be modified to fit Z32 SOLD
    - Link Thunder motorsport ECU kit with AIT, MAP, Fluid Pressure sensors, boost control valve, and flying lead kits $3000 (New)
    - Polished throttle body linkage $100 (used)
    - Nismo 50mm wheel nuts $200 (New)
    - Turbosmart oil pressure regulators one available (New) $l25
    - Low profile Banjo ORB fittings AN-10 SOLD
    - Rear brake calliper pin retainer springs set (New) $12
    - Redline DT synthetic ATF fluid (New) $90
    - Throttle Position Sensor for 300zx (Used) $75
    - Turbosmart Type 3 Recirc Valves Sleeper Series Pair (Used) $200

    All prices plus freight. Can send anywhere in the world...

    350z pedal covers.jpg link kit 1.jpg linkage.jpg nismo nuts 1.jpg oil pressure regulators.jpg ORB banjo.jpg rear calliper pin retainer springs.jpg redline d4.jpg TPS.jpg turbosmart type 3 sleeper series recirc valves 1.jpg
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  2. rob260

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    - Coolant temp sensor and connector. Was installed on my motor before changing to one more suitable for emtron ECU. This is a Japanese factory type sensor that is keyed for quick release connectors. Includes quick release connector and pigtail harness. $25
    - Exhaust manifold flanges. CNC cut from 347 stainless steel. 12mm thick. $200

    coolant temp sensor.jpg manifold flanges 2.jpg manifold flanges.jpg
  3. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member


    - pair Border Racing 60mm turbo to intercooler pipes (used) $50

    60mm turbo discharge pipes.jpg
  4. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Also have some sensors that I didn't end up using in my EFI harness design. They are brand new with warranty.

    1. Bosch combination fluid pressure and temperature sensor. Good for 145psi pressure and 140 degrees celsius temp. Ideal for coolant (yes monitoring coolant pressure is a thing), oil, and fuel in a Z. Includes connector and pin set. M10 thread, I can supply a weld fitting or an NPT adapter if repquired for additional cost. $120

    bosch combination pressure temperature sensor 145psi 140 degrees $120.jpg

    2. Raceworks motorsport fluid pressure sensor. Good for up to 145psi. Being a motorsport sensor the body is TIG'd stainless steel and it takes a deutsch dtm connector that can be booted for a completely sealed connection. Connector and pins supplied. 1/8 npt thread. Well within range for fuel/oil/coolant pressures on a Z and will fit the gauge/sensor port on most aftermarket fuel pressure regulators. $160

    motorsport fluid pressure sensor 145 psi $160.jpg

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