New Product: TwinZ Design 300ZX 2+2 rear bumper with integrated diffuser

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    FYI , there is a lot off paper work, :rolleyes: but i've never done a tranaction over $1000 ( funny that )

    Maybe work with your exporter, and understand your AU rules,

    The last 40ht i loaded in the USA had 14 complete speedway cars, 33 diffs 200+ wheels , a smooth paper trail helps ( rob260 ) might understand .

    Importing volumes and values over $1000 US is a black art , most infromed US traders know whats required, rather than talking over email, get up at 4am (nsw) and ring, discuss what you need , and work it out, most sellers respond better over the phone and it easyer to work out the finer details.

  2. rob260

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    I don't know where you are getting all of these figures from?

    Shipping direct from Z1 is close to $750USD. Total cost on a pre order bar including freight to AUS is $1500USD. No they will not send sea freight.

    Shipping via container (ie USA to AUS) you are looking at closer to $250USD (when I was quoted) pack and freight to USA to AUS depot. Plus $150-$200 (depending on how the item is packaged) to get it to a port on the East Coast. No GST as the value of the consigned goods is less than $1000AUD however you may be hit for duty (5%, was reduced in Jan '10) as goods were manufactured in Peru. So total cost including $750/bar at pre order price is still what, $1200USDish? Plus container costs, and costs to freight from the dock to you.

    On top of that you have costs assosciated with making an international transaction, either a flat fee if paying by international money transfer, or a percentage of the transaction cost if paying by mastercard.

    You can save on domestic freight (as in within USA) by combing orders but say hello to GST charge, customs import charges blah blah blah as soon as you are sending more than one bar per consignment.

    The point of having an AUS/NZ distributor would be to offer a saving compared to buying direct.

    Also consider that container shipping an order of 10+ units from manufacturer to distributor drastically reduces the chance of your fibreglass bar being damaged in transit.
  3. rob260

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    With all respect I don't think you understand how the importation system works here.

    You cannot quote door to door, your cargo agent cannot quote door to door, and you cannot charge the recipient an all inclusive price. It just doesn't work like that.

    You guys can determine the price of freight, and the cost per unit, but the other charges are taxes billed to the recipient by the Australian Government. Once the consignment is unloaded at an Australian Port all correspondance and charges become the responsiblity of the recipient.
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    Sounds like a process. I wonder if he will call it quits for an order of only a few bars.
  5. WA300Z

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    looks like i've found my third year design project
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    Simple Rob.......current quotes! ;)

    Z1 are quoting $200US for a single bar to be sent from their shop to the 'USAtoAUS' depot in the US!.......& only $300US if 2 are shipped at the same time! .........& so on!

    'USAtoAUS' are currently quoting a FLAT rate of $150AUD per bar for forum members! - so it doesn't matter if 2 or more bars are in the same container!

    You will have to pay GST/Duties/& a share of the dock fees etc! - but this is happening anyway on the bulk order option via UAS! At least with 'USAtoAUS' you are only paying a small % of the dock/Customs fees etc associated with the TOTAL container contents, as they are only filling gaps in containers that are already coming to Oz anyway! :)

    We also still have to factor in the cost of local shipping from UAS to each state! vs being able to collect from the shipping depot in each city (obviously only applies to East Coast capitals)

    So........even at the current Z1 retail price of $775US + $150US (assuming you send 2 from Z1 to the depot) = $925US = $940AUD + $150AUD (to ship via container with USAtoAUS) = $1090AUD landed here in Oz + $110AUD (approx GST & Duty) = approx $1200AUD!

    Am I missing something really obvious here for you to question this? :confused::confused:.......please tell me if I am because I'm only trying to help by debating this on the open forum! :eek:........even if you don't seem to think so? :p

    Fair point!.......this will probably add a few cents for every $! maybe $20 -$30AUD?

    Even if you then still have to pay a further $30AUD transaction fee on the money transfer & maybe a small share of Dock fees etc - that still probably puts you well under $1300AUD!......... & this is probably WORST CASE SCENARIO!.......still a LOT better than $1500US as per your original quote! ;)

    EXACTLY!...........I couldn't agree more!

    All I am saying is that by my calculations (& I admit they are rough!)........ the local UAS total price (inlcuding local shipping here in Oz to my door!)...........would need to work out MUCH BETTER than approx $1200-1300AUD to beat the direct buy price with current exchange rates being so good! :D......& I REALLY hope for our sakes that UAS & TwinZ can work out a way to achieve that! ;)

    Don't really see how this is relevant?.......Z1 would need to package the indvidual bars to be safely shipped regardless!....... & with USAtoAUS they would still be secured in a shipping container & well looked after by Glen & his team!.......I've recently sent a set of 4rims with them to the US with no problems whatsoever!

    I guess there is a chance of the local US courier from Z1 to the shipping depot damaging the bar??.......but this is no different to the local couriers here in Oz possibly damaging the bar when it has to be sent from UAS to other states!

    Hopefully TwinZ & UAS will have a confirmed local retail price for us in the not too distant future?.......& I know there is definitely one forum member who has already purchased one of these bars from Z1 & is shipping it via USAtoAUS!....... so hopefully he can provide a CONFIRMED final price as well! least then prospective buyers will have ALL the necessary pricing info to make an informed decision about what really is the most economical option to get their hands on one of these great rear bars! :zlove:

    I guess really only time will tell? :rolleyes:.......& in the meantime I'll keep my fingers x'd! :p
  7. TheTwinZ (Peru)

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    Have you ever done a door to door shipment (incoterm DDP = Delivered Duty Prepaid) before? We have and we are not the first ones using this incoterm.

    We have done it with Z1 Motorsports in the US and it was the best way to do it...Russell and his crew can all second that.

    The peruvian cargo agent is not giving us the costs in Australia by assumption, they are associated with a cargo agent in Australia that gets all the costs that will be involved once the load gets to the Port in Sydney with all the info I gave them (tariff heading, destination address, referencial dimensions and weight, referencial CIF value, etc).

    Port Service Charge
    Terminal Handling Charge
    Terminal Security Fee
    Sea Cargo Automation
    Delivery Order
    CMR Fee
    Agency Fee
    Duty 5%
    GST (tax) 10%
    Delivery at UAS facilities (inland transportation to UAS door)
    Fuel Surcharge

    Once again, I'm working with UAS the exact same way as I have worked with Z1. It's the way we have worked before and it's the way we plan to keep working for most of our shipments.

    I'd rather discuss this by PM's, since I think people already wants to hear the final price and ETA.
  8. TheTwinZ (Peru)

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    For the ones that don't usually check the group buy section, Unique Auto Sports has been running a GROUP BUY for my rear bumpers for the last couple of weeks and it will be up for around 2 weeks more looking to get the last buyers.

    Check the GROUP BUY AD for more info.

  9. TheTwinZ (Peru)

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    Last week to get into the group buy!! Don't miss the chance to give a more exotic and modern look to the rear of your Z and fall in love with it all over again ;)


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