Nems NA to TT conversion, with an added suprise ;)

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    Passenger side turbo manifold is flipped to make room for a dump pipe later
    received_684987863262548.jpeg received_157504980745457.jpeg
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    Well as most of you can see, the car is being converted to single turbo. The compound stuff was fun but too complicated oiling wise to get right. This setup is fairly simple in comparison and will make more top end power.

    Setup is:
    Single GTX3584 Gen 3
    Pulsar 40mm wastegate(new Turbosmart style)
    600x300 Intercooler
    1000cc injectors
    Walbro 485 fuel pump
    Link G4+ Ecu
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    Must say, I love the continual evolution of your build, looking forward to seeing how this progresses!
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    Cheers man. I love to try things out and see what works and what doesn't.
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    My fabricator is doing an excellent job, just needs a few more vbands and piping to finish the exhaust and intercooler side.
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    New turbosmart style wastegate
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    Mani heat wrapped received_862885392082973.jpeg
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    Getting there slowly, can't wait to hear it start
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    received_828458485644840.jpeg received_1024881222033311.jpeg

    Few more updates. Cooler piping is almost done, exhaust side next.
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    Bit of an update
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    20231124_153955.jpg 20231124_154536.jpg 20231124_154521.jpg 20231124_154002.jpg

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    single turbo v6 gives a very unique sound on gate you will be happy, keep up the good work
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    Exhaust is done, wideband is installed too. Going down to ACT to where the car is to give it a quick road tune in the coming week and then its finally coming home.

    I may upgrade the injectors to 1600s and get a 2nd walbro 485 installed as the current fuel system will cap power at ~400rwkw.

    Messenger_creation_b46b3584-3f0f-41d1-b630-a6596593bca6.jpeg Messenger_creation_1333251f-b00e-4089-9264-8f7b6d89432e.jpeg
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    Bit of an update, took the car for its first drive today. Had minor issues with the cooling system and a coilpack connector breaking but its all sorted now. Wastegate pressure seems to be ~10.7psi and the first hit went fairly lean (13:1afr)... i ended up adding 17% extra fuel through the positive pressure areas of the map and its sitting pretty at 11.4afr on boost. Timing from 4-5k is around 16° and peaking up to the low 20s below 1 bar of boost.

    Couldnt try any higher settings as the rain came in, however on the stock turbos it made 266rwkw on 12psi and it feels stronger now than before.

    Just needs a respray really badly

    20240608_160002.jpg 20240608_143254.jpg
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    Looks like my Eboost2 may be fried, when my cousin tried to use a higher boost setting the EBC froze, now it looks like the unit powers up but the display isnt working. If this EBC is dead i won't be putting another in it, this is the second Eboost that i've had fail and while it has some great functions im not spending $800 for another one.

    Next step is to use my MAC valve and do Boost control via the Link G4+, i've done all my own tuning on this ecu up until now so it shouldn't be too difficult.

    All in all, single turbo is the way to go. The car drives like a stock zed until you get on the loud pedal. Response is decent, the car doesn't lag or feel gutless when not in boost.

    Here's my take on all the setups i've tried on this car.

    Stock Turbo Full bolton E85:
    Car was super responsive and fun to drive, 17psi by 3300rpm if you brake boosted and would spin the tyres up in 2nd(3rd if it was cold out) but top end power was really flat. It made 300.9rwkw with boost ramping up to 18 but then trailing off to 15 up top, full power was made at 5200rpm and then held flat.

    Dyno: 300.9rwkw @ 18psi dropping to 15psi

    1/4 mile: 12.1 @ 118mph with multiple issues stopping me from actually launching it over 2500rpm. Had an 11 in it for sure if i had sorted those issues.

    10/10. Great fun, very quick on the street. Mine had all the 2.5" breather mods and big intercoolers etc but you could spend around $3k on a fuel system from RGS, a Nistune and tune and a stock zed would be at 270-285rwkw. Best value for money.

    The compound setup:
    While this was fun to try, it was a big waste of money. It did work, however the car was pretty much undriveable on the street. The radiator i had put in was too small and the car smoked like a chimney. I spent $2000 in fittings, pumps and tanks to stop the car smoking, nothing helped. Turns out the Big turbo boosting into the stockers killed the seals fairly quickly. Never ran at the drags but in all honesty it needed much more boost to make power, i had taken ~7-10% of fuel OUT of the map compared to the stock turbo map so it realistically needed 3-4psi MORE boost to make the same power as the stock turbos. I ran the car to ~26psi before and it was quicker than the stock turbos, but not as quick as a zed at 26psi should be.

    1/4 mile: Never ran, probably mid 11s

    Fun to try, but a waste of time. 3/10 for cool factor and the jet like spool noises

    The Single:

    First thing i did was load my factory turbo E85 map in and took the car for a quick run with a mate, the first full power run saw AFRs hit 13:1 and he let off. I added a total of 17% extra fuel everywhere to get AFRs in line to where they were with the stock setup(11.4:1). Timing was also pulled back a few degrees. At wastegate pressure, i can guarantee you the car is quicker from a roll, boost for boost vs both the previous setups. The single hit we tried on 13-14psi was quicker than the stock turbos at 18psi dropping to 15psi.

    Extremely promising, car feels great and drives so well. I'll need a bigger fuel system to take full advantage of this setup but this is my favourite setup so far. To be continued......


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