QLD MYZ32 for sale: Burgundy TT 2+2 Manual

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by Pregz, May 6, 2011.

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  1. Pregz

    Pregz Ex Z owner

    Year: 1989
    Body (2+0/2+2): 2+2
    Colour: AH3 Red Wine
    Engine (Turbo/NA): Turbo
    Transmission (MT/AT): MT
    Interior (Cloth/Leather): Tweed
    Odometer: 102,XXX
    Price: $18,000
    Contact Details: 0407177943

    Factory 2+2 TT Manual in AH3 red wine
    Purchased freshly imported in 2000 with 42,000km on ODO
    18x8 & 18x9 Aldtstar rims with 235/40/18 & 275/35/18 Falken tyres
    HKS pod filter
    HKS Hyper stainless single cat back exhaust

    100km service carried out at 82k including:
    New OEM timing belt, new high quality bearings in rollers ($60 each), New S2 PTU relocated under nose panel, new 2 pin plugs (14 in total) fitted to loom for injectors etc.
    Idle control solenoid/valve units disassembled and cleaned.
    Injectors removed, cleaned and flow tested. Refitted with new pintle caps and seals.
    New NGK Platinum plugs.
    PCV valves cleaned and hoses replaced with new OEM.
    New fuel filter and all fuel lines replaced.
    Most vacuum lines replaced.
    All rubber engine seals (including valve stem seals) and most gaskets (all but head and exhaust manifold) replaced with new OEM.
    New genuine HKS pod filter element ($70)
    UAS custom all alloy radiator and lower pipe, new heater core, 1.3bar Greddy radiator cap, remainder of cooling system replaced with new OEM (water pump, hoses and hard pipes).
    Under plenum bypass done and turbo cooling hoses replaced with high quality silicone.
    Custom low coolant level indicator​
    New OEM Centre Bearing and gearbox mount
    New heavy duty 6 puck clutch
    New OEM clutch master cylinder
    New OEM Brake master cylinder
    Apexi AVCR boost controller
    CPU socketed and Custom chip installed (rev limit and speed cut)
    300k/h speedo
    BIG aftermarket side mount intercoolers
    Factory cruise control retrofitted
    Alpine head unit/sub/amps/Focal splits
    Remote security system
    New 2K spec tails
    Raybrig headlight globes
    Nismo Clear side indicators
    Cleared front indicators
    New exterior trim including cowl panels, hood hinge covers, T hook, window trim, roof trim.
    Many other minor mods
    Very tidy unit with no fluid leaks

    Includes MYZ32 QLD numberplates, original rims, original tail lights (including working original indiglo centre panel).

    I have owned this car since Jan 2000.
    It has always been garaged and meticulously maintained.
    Never been in an accident.
    Always run on BP Ultimate and high quality full synthetic oil.
    I have put 60,000km on it in the last 11 years.
    It runs like a dream and has been my pride and joy.
    It is in excellent overall condition.

    I am not desperate to sell, and am not expecting it to sell quickly, but if a fellow Z enthusiast is willing to part with the right money, they will drive away in one of the cleanest original unmolestered Zeds in the country.

    Asking $18000

    See photos in my Garage, however, photos do not do this car justice.
  2. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    This car is awesome. Photos do not do it justice at all.

    GL mate. Why the sale? Expensive child? Or another reno?

  3. Brock32

    Brock32 Active Member

    Is there any other kind? :confused:
  4. Pregz

    Pregz Ex Z owner

    Change in pace of life, and it hardly gets driven. I have considered keeping untill they become more collectable, however with our second (and last!) on the way in September, I'll be upgrading my other car in the next year or so and can't really justify having the Z, the A3, and whatever we end up with. Looking for something in a sensible Daddy car, probably a Euro wagon of some sort. R36 Passat Wagon would be nice:)
  5. Pregz

    Pregz Ex Z owner

    Have added more pics and Dyno chart to my Garage.
  6. Pregz

    Pregz Ex Z owner

    UPDATE Sale includes a pair of Magnaflow mufflers, UAS X muffler, high flow cats, N Power dumps, and a battery defender (keeps battery at 14v when car is not used)
    RWC will be obtained prior to sale.

    Don't forget the number plates are included in the sale.

    I am also open to sensible offers.
  7. ryzan

    ryzan Black Mesa? Fat chance...

    Wow. this is absolutely beautiful, same config. as my car but in a TT. So tempting to buy something as clean as this instead of doing a TT conversion, not sure I need a 3rd Zed though.

    Good luck with the sale, hopefully it will go to somebody who will take just as good care of it as you have.
  8. Pregz

    Pregz Ex Z owner

    PRICEDROP $16,500 - It is currently insured for this amount with Shannons
  9. Kiwi Zed

    Kiwi Zed Refuse to grow old member

    Nice car mate, still trying to sell it?
  10. Pregz

    Pregz Ex Z owner

  11. Kiwi Zed

    Kiwi Zed Refuse to grow old member

    I can't seem to find link to your garage, is there any interior pictures of it??
  12. Pregz

    Pregz Ex Z owner

  13. Lindsay

    Lindsay New Member

    I'm impressed - still for sale?
  14. Pregz

    Pregz Ex Z owner

  15. Pregz

    Pregz Ex Z owner

    Still for sale. Rego has been renewed for another 6 months.
  16. NissanKid~

    NissanKid~ Member

    Keep it for 18 months?

    Keep it for another 18 months and then I'll buy it? :( Hope there are still clean well taken care of TT's like yours around after I graduate from university and have an open license... I am currently keeping a 1990 NA well maintained but I've been in 4 zeds now and they've all looked very abused in comparison. This is a rare example, and it seems even rarer for them to come up for sale. I'd happily pay 16.5k for it if I had that much money. Hope you don't end up selling it to someone who won't respect it! ;) :zlove:
  17. Adamness

    Adamness Active Member

    Very abused is a bit harsh Harry!!

    Beautiful Z Pregz. Hope you get what you want for her.

  18. Pregz

    Pregz Ex Z owner

    Pricedrop to $15500
  19. JT

    JT Track Addict

    Your Zed

    Hey Pregz, how are you? Just wondering how much interest you have had with selling your Zed as I am thinking of listing mine soon. Im probably in the same boat as you with not really driving it much anymore and now having a 8 month old baby to keep us busy. Just interested to know as I would probably list it at a similar price to yours and wondered if you had much interest or are the buyers only really wanting sub 8k worn out zeds?

  20. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master

    Dont sell it...

    Just do what I did. Sell the 2 seater and buy a 2+2. Then just put the baby seat in the back :)

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