My zx needs fixing perth

Discussion in 'Member's Garage' started by perth, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. perth

    perth sik ****

    Hi my zx has been out of action due to a burst water pipe down the back of the engine just wondering who and how much it will cost me to get the plenum deletes and the pipe fixed so my cars running in the perth area i have enginw crane and engine leveller already just need someone with the know how to put everything straight also i need my steering cambers looked at my wheeel are pivoting outwards thanks
  2. rob260

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    Call Andrew 0402356164 tell him Rob from the forum passed on the number. Based in Wangara.
  3. perth

    perth sik ****

    Is there any other mechanics that are cheaper
  4. KEZA

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    The burst water pipe is more than likely to be your Heater Hose connection, situated at the back of the engine & between the block & firewall. A bugger to get at, but it can be fixed without removing the heads or the engine.
    Search for Heater Hose Replacement on the forum.

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