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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Milly, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. Milly

    Milly Guest

    if anyone cares. Had a close look at the ones at Dandenong Nissan today. Nice car, but it will never be a Z32. Only 2 seater (I mean no 2+2 option), No Traga roof (yet), No front glovebox (have to move passenger seat forward to access storage compartment behind the seat). Seatwarmers standard on leather seats - like, who needs em here !!. These are my only negatives and I would certainly like one in the driveway for free. Finally, when you consider that in the mid 90's a Z32 Oz delivered was selling for close to $90,000, and the 350Z Track version is selling new for about $65,000 !. Remember what your parents told you - You only get what you pay for !Cheers
  2. blue fairy

    blue fairy Guest

    selling like hotcakes...

    At work today we financed 3 new Zeds.
    Granted it's not "hotcakes" but it is not a bad record considering the price of the car. So, I'm guessing some people like them, but "why" is my question?On average they came in just above $66700.00. Personally I can think of better cars to purchase for that price!I still prefer the Z32.
    Just my opinion though. :D
  3. SpaceZ

    SpaceZ New Member

    The first 350Z seril number went to the US>>

    dude paid something like USD 95k (read:AUD $180k) apparently Nissan will donate the sale price to some charity. Will scan and post article soon.
  4. Gazza

    Gazza Active Member


    My girlfiend and I are thinking about getting a 350Z track while they are so cheap(and available at this price) Why?, cause we are huge Z fans, and lets face it, it would be pretty cool having one, and we like our cars without turbos as the insurance and maintanence are WAY cheaper, plus the car should be more reliable.
    I realise that the new Z is not as popular as the Z32, but hey, thats another plus for me as the car will be very unique, with not as many of them around :)
  5. Milly

    Milly Guest

    Didn't mean to upset anyone but.....

    I would think that because of the low price (by comparison to the Z32 new price when it was being sold) that they will be a lot less unique and there will be heaps of them on the road. look, thats a great thing too, I mean i love Nissan's and yes, let the Z name live on, but I just dont think that I want that car judged as the new version of our beloved Z32's.
    I know I'm sounding negative against the 350Z here, but its not meant that way. I actually like the look of the thing, I like the retro interior and I am sure it will be a great drive. How many people have come up to you and said, "Hey, have you seen the new ZX yet".So my final word is this 350Z it is, but 2003 version of Z32 300ZX-TT it is not.Happy motoringMilly;)
  6. Tw|STeD

    Tw|STeD New Member

    saw a silver one just now

    i was at criket training when it drove past. the car is an absolute beauty!!!! i would do anything (almost) for one!!! you're saying that the mid 90's z32 was selling for close to $90.000.....wait another 5 years and we'll see how much the z33 is will be more than that once people realize what a good car it is......:p z32 is a very good car (thats why i own one :-0 ) but i reckon in a few years once there are more 350z's out on the roads we will all want them and love them like we love our 300's now =)
  7. Scotty

    Scotty Guest

    Daaaaaaym you all

    I want one :)
  8. JimmyZ

    JimmyZ Guest

    When the RX8 is released >

    I think the 350Z will have some stiff competition. I think because the suicide doors on it have been so hyped, everyone is gonna want an RX8 just for that reason. Also, i think the RX8 is slightly cheaper (?) but it does lack some power.
  9. Gazza

    Gazza Active Member

    Well of course not..

    ... the Z32 was no replacement of the unreal 240Z either, the new Z is the start of a different car again. As for heaps of them on the road, I dont think it will be able to out do the huge number of Z32s on the road these days, though it is quite fun waving at fellow zedders;). But it does share the fairlady theme of being a head turner, and the consumer of all things falcadoore=). The 350Z may not happen for us though as we have been planning on a lotus exige in the next couple of years!
  10. DZM

    DZM New Member

    US waiting list

    read an article that the US have a 6mnth wait for them. I think at around $60K...for what it is and for its future resale value its a bargain.
    For those of you who can claim your car as an expense(depreciation) i think by the time you go to sell it you will have a "Capital Gain" problem i assure you!!
  11. Tw|STeD

    Tw|STeD New Member

    Lotus Exige wow...

    how much would that beast cost?? =)1.8 ltr, 143kw, 780kg (0-60mph - 4.6 sec)........mmmmmm faaaaasssttt[image][/image][image][/image]like the front but the back sucks :p
  12. quick1

    quick1 Guest

    hmm i agree, front OK, back NOT OK! :p (n/m)

  13. RedZedMikey

    RedZedMikey RZM should now be DZM

    My personal opinion >>>

    is that the biggest thing against the RX8 is the rotary engine ... I guess you either like them or you don't. And re rear door entry and exit - do you have to open the front door before you can open the rear door? If so, it reduces practicality.Sheesh, I've had 4 people come up to me and say they saw a new Zed on the road today - and I haven't yet :(.
  14. White Ant

    White Ant New Member

    Yep, have to open front b4 rear doors

    That's apparently how they got around anti suicide door regulations...
    I'm very interested in the RX8, don't know why, and it's not just backwards doors and rotary engines... Maybe I'm enthralled by something a bit different... Actually, if I had the chance to test drive a 350Z or RX8 I be choosing the RX8 first...
  15. DZM

    DZM New Member

    Good 350ZArticle
  16. Gazza

    Gazza Active Member

    That's a shame...

    ...coz the rear end is all you'll ever see of it on the road;)  
    By the way, thanks tw|stedZ for the unreal pictures=) We're looking at ~$120,000 for a good one with 200HP!!
  17. DZM

    DZM New Member

    Love those things!

  18. tassiezed

    tassiezed Senior Member

    Come to Targa Tasmania this year and..

    see at least two Exige's in action. Also at least one Elise so far. No 300zx's (yet?) but 6 240/260z's at last count.

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