MY NEW ZED PICS. finally;p

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by d.p_300zx, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. d.p_300zx

    d.p_300zx OVA 9000


    I bought my first zed a couple weeks ago.. I meant to post pics then but my Net was dis-connected.
    I have dail up and the normal photo hosting sites are F*#ked for me.. so iv had to host on myspace...

    here weeee go :D

    1995 TT man.
    2 Seater.

  2. ugame

    ugame user #1

    That is one NICE tidy looking zed

    congrats. YOu must be wrapped :D

    was it local or interstate?

    Mind if i ask how much?

    Looks clean as

    well done :D
  3. Vizard

    Vizard Active Member

    Absolutley Stunning mate :)

    How much did you pay?
  4. d.p_300zx

    d.p_300zx OVA 9000

    13k, It was the one that has been advertised for AGESSS.
    he first had it up for 22k about a year ago, ten 18,500 ( think its still on carsales for that much.. he hasnt taken it down)

    It was local. Next suburb over from me infact.
  5. Vizard

    Vizard Active Member

    Oh yer i remmember that one, he had it up for 18 for like 6 months!, i even was looking at buying this over a year ago when i got my Z, but i couldent afford the 18k mark.

    VERY nice Z mate :)
  6. ugame

    ugame user #1


    for a 95 TT Man?

    you robbed him blind

    take care of it or we'll bash you
  7. wooly1953

    wooly1953 (EDSZX )


    right colour too:zlove::zlove:
  8. Vizard

    Vizard Active Member

    indeed, 13k for a 95 is insane, even when it was 18k i thought that was a good price as when i saw it, it looked extremely clean.
  9. ugame

    ugame user #1

    id kill for a late model zed

    ....and now i know where to get one...mmwwwaaaaahahahahahaha

    hehe jks
  10. Vizard

    Vizard Active Member

    lol, ill help if you let me have his dish sexy rims! :bash:

    edit : btw has the hicas been removed? i cant see all the shit there in the engine bay for it.
  11. ZYTRAM

    ZYTRAM Formerly known as martini_Z

    one word...

  12. d.p_300zx

    d.p_300zx OVA 9000

    i dont know but i had it in the wet (just playing around...and stuff)
    and i was pretty sure the 4ws was working.. or trying to work.

    but yeah i look after it like a baby haaha. Mates were like "GIVE IT SHIT DUDE"

    i was "no, might brake it"

  13. d.p_300zx

    d.p_300zx OVA 9000

    I know, i was really after a silver :D
  14. ugame

    ugame user #1

    odd coz all the ugly hicas stuff in the engine bay is missing....

    did they relocate it in later models? i honestly dont know myself
  15. Anton

    Anton New Member

    electric, not hydrolic in the later models
  16. ugame

    ugame user #1


    lucky bugger
  17. mafi-zed

    mafi-zed the resident hoon

    welll done dude!!! just give the engine bay a nice detail :)
  18. d.p_300zx

    d.p_300zx OVA 9000

    Cheers ^.^

    Im so stoked..

    thanks for the nice comment
  19. 23BIGA

    23BIGA Still CruZin' +Parts4Sale

    Great buy and good looking Z you have there....
  20. aazn

    aazn New Member

    is it me or is the pods a Aus spec one? or was the later models changed to these pods?

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