Z32 My lady needs new shoes - she's fussy

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    Firstly great choice in wheels (& potentially brakes) but I'd be double checking your sizes possibly.

    18x9.5 +38 is a decent option on the rear of the Z32 (my previous bronze lmgt4's were this exact spec) but will be a bit sunken on fronts possibly (probably depends on the look you want).

    My current silver lmgt4's are 19x9.5" +30 front & rear and sit really nice to my eyes. Front tyres are 245, rears are 275 so no stretch required, camber is pretty sensible too. I am lowered with rolled rear guards though.

    Perhaps try to test fit some 18x9.5 +38 on the front if possible to double check your happy with how they sit, don't want to run spacers if you can avoid it.
    Also be aware this offset / face is quite 'flat' looking versus the lower gtr offsets, etc.

    Now onto brakes. Both those 9.5" options will take the R35 380mm brakes looking at that chart but are you aware what these brakes cost currently? Your looking at $7k+ then still need the brackets...
    A more cost effective option is the akebono's off the 370Z, these are 355mm & currently US$1500 + shipping from CZP, Z1, etc (front and rear, all new with brackets).
    Keep us updated!
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    Not the best angle to see position compared to guards but this is 19x9.5" +30 front & rear, would definitely recommend.

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    thanks for double checking I really wanted another car guy to confirm they clear as you wouldn't think it would on the high offset, I have always wanted new te37's and I figure get sizes that fit the brakes I want, Im more than likely going with the just jap 380mm attkd kit waiting to get some drawing from them, then will cross reference the R35 to work out either big caliper or small caliper, its like 7000 this way of closer to 10/12 r35.
    I looked at the akebono but with the dollar falling and only being able to get 2 piece rear through Z1,and the 1200 aud for colour options and the machined caliper, smaller size rotors, than I don't really need te37's.

    This guy did a good vid on 18x9.5 +38 and close up of the J arm clearance, he just forgot to mention the section width of the tyre he chose it is 10.7". The ad08r 265 35 18 has a 10.6" section width so I will be fine going by his clearance the nangkang ar-1 are about the same for track stuff.
    Im going with 18x9.5 +38, as I have a 18x9.5 +35 on the rear now and wanted a square set up this time can also reduce my rear camber with a smaller section width tyre than I have now, no rolling or arms on this car just adjustable bushes. This might change to arms later, so I can push the front out if I want with lowers but I really dont care about "fitment" just function.
    Also going with the 18x9.5 +38 te37 saga s-plus for the above reasons, and the fact it is a really common size for 86/brz there is bronze, black, diamond black, mag blue, gunmetal ,dark gunmetal in stock close to me, so that a huge bonus.
    Just need to narrow down the colour now, the car is silver. Mag blue looks nice but I think it will age poorly.

    I'v been jealous of you lmgt4's for years, that set is like 7000k now, its a shame the new ones only come in gtr offset.
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    Regardless of brakes bought, te37's are always a good choice!

    The attkd do seem a more cost effective option, the just jap listing says the 380mm size needs 19" wheels but te37 have extra clearance so 'should' be ok.

    If you already have 18x9.5 +35 I'd chuck one on the front for a test just to be safe, the te's would be 3mm further in.
    Better to be 100% certain when buying expensive wheels.
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    Rears are 18 x 10 35 Tyres are 295 / 30 sit no more than 5mm outside.
    Fronts are 18 x 9.5 25 Tyres are 265 / 35 Flush Z outside Gtools.jpg

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    sits flush with rolled guards, I just put your specs into https://www.1010tires.com/Tools/Wheel-Offset-Calculator# your front track is 8mm wider than the rear, as the 2+2 is a balanced chassis you have introduced over steer into your set up.
    Sure you can fix it with suspension tuning to make it handle as good as oem, I get it though z32 has wider front guards then the rear so people chasing "fitment" go down this path. Its not for me I want my setup to function better than oem so square wheels it is, 9.5 +38 is as far in that you can go on the front with a 9.5 without rolling the guards, I could stagger to a 10 +44 on the rear , but the wheels I want don't come in that size and I wouldn't get brake clearance.

    this isn't aimed at either of you more just info when people search -
    Fitment imo is a fade, it ruins your chassis resale the first thing people do is check it hasn't been rolled and are disappointed when it has, I would have no problem knocking off 25% off the asking price for rolled rear guards, adds up on a 40k car.

    Wheels sticking out off the guard's is a defect, deleting the hicas is a defect, increasing the track more than 25mm is a defect (get the 25th anniversary placard) to avoid this sort of grey area, adjustable arms are a defect, pillow ball are a defect, lower then 100mm is a defect, stretched tyres are a defect, coilovers are a defect, increasing the rolling radius more than 13mm is a defect - this is what "fitment" opens you up to.
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    pmac Z,, IT'S COMPLICATED!!!!!

    I wont bother answering next time with an attitude like that. I thought you were after ideas of what could be done but it is obvious you are actually very fixed in your myopic attitude.
    The only suspension mod I have is coilovers which passed through engineering when I fitted the 6.0 LS engine. The front guards are have not been rolled. The tyres are a nice square fitment zero stretch.

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