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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by badxtc, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch


    ive still got to do the back seats , but for that im going to send them in ..
    me and my girl did the interior, and it come up good , well for a backyarder. lol
    it was done some time ago now,,, all black suede .

    dammm im becoming a show pony
  2. 8300zx9

    8300zx9 Active Member

    What's on the dash? Swade?
  3. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    there is no swade in the car just suede, so yes
  4. bRACKET

    bRACKET Do Right Dean

    Looks awesome, I was sceptical at first, but am happy to eat my own words!

    It's missing something though... TAKA...
  5. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    oowww yeah , i might go put them in , all set up now , i forgot the TAKA
  6. 8300zx9

    8300zx9 Active Member

    Ok ok just about out with my spelling lol

    Of have to see it it person but so far looks slick mate :)
  7. Howaard

    Howaard New Member

    Very nice. Comes up well for a backyard job. :)
  8. planetrobbi

    planetrobbi planetrobbi

    Love the seat what r they and where did you get them , we have the same steering wheel too lol
  9. Roadeater

    Roadeater Warrior of the Wasteland

    Would DEFINITELY have that interior. Kudos and big ups!

    What is the tampon string?
  10. Tektrader

    Tektrader Z32 Hoe, service me baby

    Ahhhh, now that midget ass of yours wont slide off the seat Al....... :D:D:p
  11. Egg

    Egg ....

    Looks fantastic

    My first thought was that it was Alcantara.

    Once the back is done will look AWESOME.
  12. Tektrader

    Tektrader Z32 Hoe, service me baby

    BUT you could have fixed the lifting vent bits on the dash before you covered it.

    Does look really good though....
  13. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    I got that other zed and they are good. Mine are broken that's why they look bad. The bash has lifted. But not as bad as what you can see in the pic.
  14. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    thanks mate , yeah i will get it done soon , just a matter of time really im flat out doing other work on it, but it should not be to long before i send them in .

  15. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    the seats are copy sr3. they weigh in at 11kg with the rails , the original sr3 weigh in at 17kg? 18kg so thats a saving of over 10kg just on seats these will be permanent , so i got these for there lightweightness
  16. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member

    fk yeah looks great man love it :zlove::zlove:
  17. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    thanks man , i cant wait to see yours , you coming to the bbq ?
  18. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member

    see how we go man

    how much did the seats cost you and where did u get them from they look great
  19. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    i think 450 ebay
  20. SedatZX

    SedatZX Tyranus

    Very nice.

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