Motor mounts vs aftermarkert eg: BDE your thoughts??

Discussion in 'Technical' started by 23BIGA, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. 23BIGA

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  2. HyperGear

    HyperGear New Member

    its a very good invention which allow room for bigger Turbo Compressors, and lot cheaper then Nissan OEM. Looks good quality, Try it and let us know how it is.
  3. 23BIGA

    23BIGA Still CruZin' +Parts4Sale

    CZP now has them in stock also...

    They are more than twice the price??
  4. brisz

    brisz Well-Known Member

    Well for $390US v $180US for a set of OEM mounts they have to do something.

    That something seems to be limited to plumbing clearance and high HP/RPM stability of motor.

    If you are building big HP say 600HP plus they might be of use.

    Cabin comfort will suffer with increased noise and vibration.

    Would like to see some sort of fail safe system like a chain should the single bolt fail.

    Very limited usefulness, 99% of road going cars, I'd say not worth it.

    But probably best effort to date on high performance mounts.
  5. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    I'm looking at these ones from UAS but I was hoping for some feedback before making the purchase. ie extra engine noise transmission etc.


    Price seems pretty good at $160 for the pair.


    ZDUCTIV Active Member

    They look good. Be interesting to see how the Energy Suspension polyurethane part of it holds up considering the relative high failure rate of their other engine mounts.
  7. sevenangrypenguins

    sevenangrypenguins Active Member

    my UAS mounts are holding up good after about 7000k's which includes a few track days and motorkhana's
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  8. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    OEM Mounts are fairly cheap and going to last you another fifteen years.

    The UAS ones that Ascension pictured are very good, a bit stiffer than stock and probably a good upgrade if you are building a big HP motor. I would have used them in preference to OEM if they were available when mine was dropped in. Price is right too and would be around $145 plus post for forum members. Sevenangrypenguins is running these and could offer some feedback.

    The Brett Dempsey Mounts are also very good, expensive yes but there is alot of work involved and you certainly get what you pay for. "DE VG30/Z32 motor mounts were designed from a clean sheet of paper. The OE cast aluminum and bulky silicone filled motor mounts have been replaced with TIG welded tube steel and a pair of Energy Suspension? polyurethane bushings. These bushings isolate engine vibration only... in other words, by design, the BDE mounts do not rely upon the bushing material's tensile strength or bond strength to keep the engine in place. Instead, the tension forces that tear apart stock mounts are contained with high-strength components and ARP fasteners while the engine is allowed to simply "float" within a polyurethane cushion. In addition, BDE mounts have been designed to provide clearance for 3" and 4" air intakes found on larger Garrett 3071 and 3076 turbochargers which are gaining popularity amongst Z32-ophiles."

    The big advantage with these is if you are running big tube style inlet turbos (as opposed to using the factory T25 flange inlets) you don't need to worry about how to clear the alloy section of your factory engine mount.


    I have the BDE engine mounts


    this is the first design ones have a one piece billet steel bucket instead of the welds where arrow is

    currently setting this up with 3" intakes

  10. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Saw your motor on the stand the other day, it's looking really good mate. Those mounts are a really nice bit of kit, not to mention i now have serious inlet envy issues to deal with...


    definitely a need for your turbos......
    just a matter of getting the mounts and a new compressor cover
    but as everything on these cars another engine pull :(

    by the way thats just a dummy engine at UAS with my manis,turbos and mounts checking for clearance

    passenger side
  12. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

    GB? I want a set.
  13. maTTz

    maTTz 500 Club

    i'm heaps impressed, that intake setup looks so dam hot

    talk about efficient packaging, in such a small volume u hv a performance mani, big turbo and high flow charge air exit

    we've both got the RS, but something tells me u'll be making more power (better charge air system)

    tell me wot cams do u hv, valves, any headwork, wot IC's?

  14. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    Thanks Mr Penguin ;), that's good to hear. I was pretty sure that they would definatly be able to do the job, but my main concern is how harsh are they?

    Did you notice any more vibration (drive line or otherwise) or extra in-cabin rattles or anything else out of the ordinary when you fitted the UAS mounts?


    PS, I'm pretty sure i'd be up for a group buy too! hehe


    its all about efficiency
    running tdmworks fmic 2.5" piping
    but send pm if you want info and keep this thread on topic about the mounts
  16. sevenangrypenguins

    sevenangrypenguins Active Member

    My car was off the road for 4 or 5 months and I really cant remember what it used to be like before the mounts went in, but I don't find them to be at all harsh or uncomfortable and I drive it everyday.
  17. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    ok cool, just what I wanted to hear :)


  18. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    I'll check it out....

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