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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by mungyz, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. mungyz

    mungyz Well-Known Member

    Well more than I had before in any case :)



    I'm going to ditch the boost controller as it doesn't keep up with the rapid spool, With the new link G4 ECU we can control the boost in relation to gear and road speed & it is far faster in response so will sort the boost spikes.

    Standard cams and followers, standard valves
    ported heads and inlet plenum & manifold
    Z1 throttles
    AMS exh manifolds
    GT2560R turbos
    Z1 intercoolers
    Self designed down pipes, self made 2.5" stainless steel twin exh
    555cc injectors with AN6 fitting on fuel rails
    Self made custom intake but still currently has stock accordion pipes and turbo inlets.
    Wisco pistons (+1mm) Eagle rods
    Knife edged crank
    Underdrive pulley
    UAR ally flywheel
    Cro molly drive shaft

    Made the power easily and will make more with a bit of fine tuning, we didn't go any further as the boost controller is crap. Makes for some awesome flames when it boost spikes at high power and hits the MAP limit - pretty sure we had five foot long flames at one point :br:

    Before it goes back for the final tune I will be doing some serious mods to the intake & the down pipes, currently the downpipes are only two inch diameter for the first foot or so.


    So it made 605nm of torque at the wheels? is that correct? or is it a hub dyno?

    I remember you used to have about 320 rwkw before? what improvements have you made to get this extra power?

    very awesome numbers

    Would be very happy if mine turned out like this after it's tuned.

  3. mungyz

    mungyz Well-Known Member

    It's a hub dyno so the torque graph shown as far as I know should be torque at the flywheel as the torque figure at the axles is around 2200nm.

    Last time it was on the dyno it made 355Kw on the same type of hub dyno but a couple of PSI more boost, made a lot less power on 9PSI than what it does now.

    Here's a chart from before that run:

    Note the tuner got the diff ratio wrong due to the error in the tacho (factory tachos are sometimes out by ~200RPM at the top end of the gauge) so the graph is a little out but fairly close.

    I'm pretty happy with the result but keen to see how much more can be had in subtle tweaks from here.
  4. Chrispy

    Chrispy Pretentious Upstart

    Good power considering those turbo's aren't *that* big. You must be pretty happy with that :D
  5. mungyz

    mungyz Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'm happy :)
    Except for the fact it's wet and the tyres have lost their grip so I can't use the power any way at the moment.
    With a flatter boost curve it will be a lot easier to drive, at the moment as soon as you go past 3500RPM all hell breaks loose :rofl: it's fun but not as fast as it could be and bloody hard to control on some parts of some tracks.
  6. gibbon_tamer

    gibbon_tamer Member

    thanks for comin. good shit
  7. gargoyle

    gargoyle New Member

    2nd that.
  8. mr0300

    mr0300 MR0300

    i've got very similar mods only difference is i don't have z1 throttle bodys but i have re-ground cams and 640 injectors.
    i use to make 327kw atw with the auto on nisstune
    but now im manual running a vi-pec twin intakes and Splitfire Coilpacks and getting the car back Saturday im hoping to get 370 tuner thinks it will be a stretch thou and he'd rather keep it at a safe level of 350 anything over is a plus.
    just wanted to know with your tune is that pushing it to the limit with the gt28r turbos and 98 octane or do you think its got more ?
  9. mungyz

    mungyz Well-Known Member

    My tuner Dave thought there was a fair bit left in it but didn't want to go further with the boost controller the way it was, when you set it for 17PSI and it peaks at 23 there's a bit of an issue ha ha!
    It should do 400KW in theory unless we start running in to issues as per Mikes and Lostsouls cars, both of them as they are show extremely good potential but then get held back by minor issues, at present we haven't struck those issues with mine .... yet.
  10. mungyz

    mungyz Well-Known Member



    Very nice! what brand mufflers are you running? looks really nice - 2.5 or 3 inch exhaust?
  12. 92z32tt

    92z32tt New Member

    Opps ... might have put the "HUDU" on it now :br:

    What you need are some .86 exhaust housings :p
  13. mungyz

    mungyz Well-Known Member

    Why? so we can have a cup of tea while we wait for the turbos to spool up? :p
    I like the way it goes at the moment, stand on the gas at anything over 2000RPM = boost.

    Comparing Mikes graph to mine the disco potatoes start to build boost just a touch earlier but then fall behind very badly after ~3PSI boost is obtained and he has aggressive cams to help things out.

    I think some mild cams in there and she will be a rocket :br:
  14. mungyz

    mungyz Well-Known Member

    2.5" exh and I have no idea what brand the mufflers are, I got them through Repco about ten years ago. They are starting to get a little rough with stone chips and scrapes on the bottom, a couple of marks from people clamping Lambda sniffers on too tight (bastards!) but overall they look OK and do the job :)
  15. 92z32tt

    92z32tt New Member

    I like a good cup of tea :D
  16. mungyz

    mungyz Well-Known Member

    Back to the dyno in the morning with the boost controller now all sorted, well at least it looked that way while testing at the track. There is an anti spike feature and strangely enough when you set it correctly it prevents boost spike :D

    I haven't had a chance to get anywhere near the exh or the intake so it is in the same state as the previous run but we will be able to run a touch more boost and fine tune it.

    Lets hope the gods of power are feeling generous tomorrow :)
  17. MoulaZX

    MoulaZX #TEAMROB

    I'm all giddy for this... I see you're using Std Cams... any reason? :)

  18. mungyz

    mungyz Well-Known Member

    Reason(s)/excuse(s) for stock cams:
    A lot of after market cams have/cause issues with inlet cam gears & sometimes cam belt tensioner as well, I can't be bothered with that.
    Performance, it goes stupidly well for what it is & I don't want to tamper with that tooo much.

    Compression ratio ... without giving away too much lets just say the heads are out of spec by a long way & that this creates an interesting opportunity with cam timing if you use your head a bit :)

    It could be it goes on the dyno tomorrow and we get 2KW more then hit the wall & nothing more can be had, wont be too worried so long as it is all nice and safe for superlap .... I've got some Hondas that need a little learning at LOL!
  19. tassuperkart

    tassuperkart Its a lie I tell you!

    Hey Glen
    You have a kind head.. The kind id never get tired of kicking.......baaaahahahahahah!

    "Flamage" PMSL!!!!!!!!

  20. MoulaZX

    MoulaZX #TEAMROB

    Well that was random...




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