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  1. Moose Train

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    Hi guys,
    After a long search I decided to sell my NA which was in great condition (minus a new front bar) and got a run down 90 2:0 Coupe tt.
    Saw an ad on facebook on friday, bought it the next morning. Had sat for 4 years, driven around the block every few weeks, last owner had bought it as a project and never registered it.

    pic of the brief few days I had two zeds

    someone picked up the white one the next day
    Has <100kms on the clock, dubious of the truth of that but not really fussed tbh, this car is gonna be rebuilt.

    Car condition
    • Body wise is OK. A few surface rust spots.
    • Engine wise - blew smoke on deceleration on the way home, drove it 100kms so seems alright for now, had a timing belt change 8000kms ago.
    • Last owner was half way though a wing delete and hadnt finished.
    • Tyres were rotated, except it was running 245s on the rear and 225s on the front, so yep they were miss matched one of each per axle. Gave the car a big boot when I was close to home, almost spun out in 2nd, this probably didnt help (also bald lol)
    • There is random trim missing
    • Seat torn in classic drivers side spot
    • Paint is chipped and the door has been keyed
    • Paint is peeling on t top

    Mod list
    • Greedy manual boost - set at 16psi, after driving this sat in my NA and felt like I was towing a boat
    • Big fmic - unsure of brand.
    • single intake - big pod filter
    • after market wheel
    • catback single exhaust - rusted as hell and needs replacing
    • boost guage - dangerously bad wiring
    Items ive ordered to replace
    • Oil and radiator fluid + oil filter
    • new intake
    • new wheels, running 245's all round, cousin is a tyre fitter so got a discount , will update with brand
    • Pre-emptively bought a crane and engine stand in preparation
    • Compression test kit
    • spark plugs
    • fuel filter

    I wanted a tt, but wasnt really wanting to spend decent money plus needed a new project.
    The goal of this car is to be a 300rwkw -500rwkw track and street car.
    I aim to increase the power as my track skills grow, however it will always be registerable.

    Some initial plans
    - As an engineering student with many mechanic friends I will (attempting) to do everything at home. Literally everything (Homebuilt by jeff is to thank for my false sense of confidence)
    - Reliability, service fluids, deep clean everything, treat rust surface ( sand and paint in primer)
    - Going to test compression, fuel and ignition timing
    - Post compression tests I will make up my mind if I should replace gaskets aka headgasket (should I anyway, advice needed?)

    - Got an idea of custom making the r34 gtr guage unit in the 300zx, will be custom and fun to make.

    Thats it for now, will add pictures later and updates on how servicing this project goes
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  2. Moose Train

    Moose Train Member

    showing the boost controller sitting on the intake - bonus cracked shroud and some japanese radiator cap
  3. Moose Train

    Moose Train Member

    wing delete in progress
  4. Moose Train

    Moose Train Member

    bonus - favourite photo of my NA [​IMG]
  5. J3bba

    J3bba He Who Struggles

    If you're aiming for 300+rwk I think new head gaskets is definitely something that should be on your list.

    Smoke on deceleration is generally PCV, turbo or valve seals I think. PCV are pretty easy to check. But you'll probably end up replacing the turbos as well if you're aiming for that kind of power.

    Enjoy and welcome to the club of broke engineering students modifying TT's :D We'd have jackets but we're too poor :p
  6. 260DET

    260DET Active Member

    So we have a part time track car project and the first thing that happens is the wing is deleted. Please explain.
  7. Fists

    Fists Well-Known Member

    First work should be cooling, install a decent water temp gauge and see where it sits on the road before going to the track. Flush and clean radiator or replace if it looks pretty bad. Do the fan and powersteering drive belts.
    Brakes need cooling/heat care too, give the lines a full flush then go to high boiling point fluid before your first track day. Also replace or at least take a new set of decent pads with you to the track. I'd recommend removing the dust shields front and rear too, they really reduce rotor cooling and even stock power on these with their weight is enough to cook the pads.
    An oil pressure gauge is a good idea too.

    After that just make sure the suspension bushes, alignment and shocks are all serviceable then spend all your money on trackdays and fuel until stuff breaks.
  8. Moose Train

    Moose Train Member

    Cheers ill check those. I think they are stock so definitely looking at replacing down the line.
  9. Moose Train

    Moose Train Member

    Form over function amirite ?
    Nah in all seriousness I bought it like that, the last owner was part way through. Probably just going to go wingless for a bit, doubt I'm going to need downforce for a while at my skill level.
  10. Moose Train

    Moose Train Member

    Ok will definitely follow up on that. Cheers for the advice, especially the dust shields.
  11. Moose Train

    Moose Train Member

    Been lazy updating this -
    will add the following soon
    Car rear painted.
    Rear lights installed
    New tyres
    New fuel lines
    New brakes
    anyone know a way to stop spending money on 300s haha?
  12. MagicMike

    MagicMike Moderator Staff Member

    yeah, sell it

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