Z32 Metallic rattle

Discussion in 'Technical' started by mitsoevo, Jul 2, 2020.

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    96 na 2+2 with about 215xxxkm

    My z has been of the road for a couple months And now it makes a metallic rattle mostly notable in neutral when rpm is coming down after revving engine. What could it be?

    while it was off the road I did exhaust and intake gaskets, coolant bypass, egr bypass, replaced some old hoses, oil and filter, Pcv delete and replaced the down pipes and cats with oem pipes from a parts car as the old ones were hole riddled. I have transmission oil waiting to be put in.

    Video of the sound

    ignore my displeased mum yelling at the end haha
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    yarra valley
    sounds like something in the exhaust system, could be the cats falling apart. I flattened the bottom of one cat on a speed hump on my car, it made a similar noise until what ever it was burnt up or was ejected elsewhere.

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