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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Anne, Apr 20, 2022.

  1. Anne

    Anne New Member

    I own a 1985 white Nissan 300ZX targa-top auto which I bought in 1995. I don't know which Z it is. It is running and driveable but needs work as the engine could be missing on one cylinder.

    I’m looking for a reliable, trustworthy? mechanic, preferably experienced with this model, hopefully located in Melbourne's northern suburbs, to get my car and engine running properly and in a timely manner and to quote a price and time frame (eg one month) for the work and a guarantee in klms of workmanship). My car needs to be taken to their premises in the near future.

    Once the engine repairs are done I will fit white-wall tyres and have the rust attended to then have it road-worthied and registered, so I won’t be driving it for some time after the mechanical work is done.

    Could anyone please recommend a competent mechanic to me?
  2. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Anne, I've supplied a few parts for Wallard Automotive lately 03 9480 2109 and Concept Automotive 0427 266 584
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    ADAMZX 2000spec Conversion

    I can offer you the number a mechanic mate of mine who is pretty good, he is located in Greensborough and his name is brent +61427266584.
  4. Anne

    Anne New Member

    Thank you AdamZX. I will contact Brent.

    ADAMZX 2000spec Conversion

    Excellent ive sent a few of the younger z guys over to him for various z32 work and all of the guys have told me he does great mechanical work. And when ive visited him in his shop he always has a couple of jdm cars he is fixing or working on for customers of his and not only take a very decent guy who doesnt bullshit you and he knows his stuff around jdm cars.

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