WA Mandurah Foreshore Car show 15th May

Discussion in 'Coming Events' started by michandy, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. Bobby8

    Bobby8 Member

    Count Me in fellas

  2. Vizard

    Vizard Active Member

    i shall be there probably maybe not sure :p
  3. awgazm

    awgazm Active Member

    will there be the kids stuff down there again this year?? not that there was a huge amount last year but i guess they might improve
  4. michandy

    michandy Active Member

    not sure

    There is a play ground on the foreshore, but it is a car show not a kids event ;).
    Andy :cool:
  5. NissZed90

    NissZed90 New Member

    i will be there Andy, all clean and ready to show
  6. jake1994

    jake1994 1992 Nissan 300zx

    Even though im new i wouldnt mind coming to this event if its ok with the rest of use wouldnt mind coming and seeing all the zeds :D:D
  7. michandy

    michandy Active Member

    Yeah mate

    Yeah mate, come on down :). Even if you dont think your car is worth showing, come down, meet some of the crowd and come back to mine afterwards for a BBQ and we can all sit around and comiserate :p.
    Andy :cool:
  8. willphiz

    willphiz #1 Member

    Room for one more?
    newly aquired zed will like to be in with the crowd :p
  9. jake1994

    jake1994 1992 Nissan 300zx

    haha sounds awsome i my as well come down for the zedders :D
  10. Vizard

    Vizard Active Member

    new members always welcome to cruises / meets / BBQs come along :)
  11. Altari

    Altari '89 2+2 TT Manual

    I don't think my TT is pretty enough for a car show. :(

    Red beast is sold too, so might just have to come down and watch.
  12. Vizard

    Vizard Active Member

    come down anyway people will be to busy looking at all the hot rods n shit to worry about our zeds haha
  13. Altari

    Altari '89 2+2 TT Manual

    I went to the last one, and had a great time... but the TT is not pretty enough to show off IMO. Engine bay looks mint, but exterior needs some more paint related love. ;)
  14. mattyj

    mattyj New Member

    ill come say gday! have not had a chance to meet anybody off this forum yet and seeing as i am in Rockingham, it's not too far to travel. my car is in pieces though, so i will be bringing the toy with 2 wheels down:)

  15. michandy

    michandy Active Member

    No probs

    Come on down and introduce yourself :). Hopefully the weather is ok :)
  16. Brock32

    Brock32 Active Member

    Dont worry Dude you are more than pretty enough :D;)
  17. NissZed90

    NissZed90 New Member

    hi guys I wont be entering my car in the show on the day due to a accident today when an old lady took me out dont know the full extent of damage until 2 morrow not happy but i am ok...i hope its all good
  18. jake1994

    jake1994 1992 Nissan 300zx

    ouch man that has gotta suck i be pissed if that was my car
  19. NissZed90

    NissZed90 New Member

    yeh not happy was getting it all ready for the show i will find out what the outcome will be...hope fully today
  20. Altari

    Altari '89 2+2 TT Manual

    Hahaha I'll just wear something provocative and stand around then? :p

    Also that sucks NissZed - hope all goes well!
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