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Discussion in 'Post Event Discussion' started by Baron, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. Baron

    Baron Active Member

    Nice lunch, nice people, great cars!How can I add or post some pics?
  2. pexzed

    pexzed Forum Administrator

    Managed to get up there for 1/2 hour to show my ugly face with Zedette. Nice to meet you Lou, hope you enjoy(ed) your trip. Good to catch up with the other 12 Z32s, drivers and PSA's up there on the day.
  3. pexzed

    pexzed Forum Administrator

    Upload your picture(s) to your "ISP provided" webspace (Most ISPs give you space on their servers).

    Once they are uploaded, post up a new mesage, and use the "image" button on the BBML code section to reference your uploaded picture's location (URL).
  4. zed4life (

    zed4life ( Ω vicarious zedder Ω

    I missed you guys today ... :rolleyes: see inside

    You gitta upload them to a server like Mustangmods or your own ISP webspace then link to them here using this code in your post. You'll need to 'reply' to mine because you can't edit a post once someone has replied to it...

  5. MAX

    MAX Ex Zedder


    Quite enjoyed the drive, I was surprised at the speeds we managed on some bend lots of squeeling. Would like to go on one a bit longer next time just getting into the groove then we were there.

    By the way the silver Z behined Rob I followed down the mountain needs new shocks. He nearly came unstuck on one bend and I think its got to do with the rear right being frequently airborn.

    Heres some pics.

    Look forward to next time.
  6. DinoZ

    DinoZ Talks sh#t for a living.

    Certainly was a good day

    Good to meet Lou and some new faces. Thanks to Rob for the organising (bit worried that he's into graft & corruption, & getting a kickback from Eagle Thai :LOL: )

    Took a bit of getting used to Qld speed signs - didn't realise they are in mph :thumbsup: (at least that way Cliff and I weren't too far over the limit on the way home)

    Good pics Max, wasn't your PSA game enough to hang out the window on the fast corners ;)

    Don't worry Baz, I kept the flag waving for the black beauties. Cheers all.
  7. richo

    richo New Member

    Gotta love Thai ;)

    Some photos from the day...all (c) FATE the cameraman. Some rights reserved :p













    Gentlemen, start your captions.


    Pex arriving

    Fate being taken into custody






    Cheers to all for a great day, hope ya had fun in QLD Lou! :thumbsup:

    Rich :zlove:
  8. brenton

    brenton Member

    Re: Gotta love Thai ;)

    Thai is nice up there!

    Thanks to K-zed and especially Lou, for making a great day worthwhile. Its a shame I couldnt stay and party hard tonight ;)

    I goyya go tyo bed! Drive safe Lou.
  9. Baron

    Baron Active Member

    Rear end

    Thanks. That explains some very erratic behavior from my rear end. Anybody recommend rear shocks and is there some guidance in replacing them. I think i'll look in "Technical"
  10. MAX

    MAX Ex Zedder

    Whats a PSA?

    what do you mean not game to hang out the window?
  11. DinoZ

    DinoZ Talks sh#t for a living.

    Passenger Side Assistant
  12. brenton

    brenton Member

    Passenger Seat Accessory
  13. K-zed

    K-zed Secret Squirrel

    Come again Lou :D :thumbsup:

    It was great to see you & many thanks for looking after my 3 sons Friday & Saturday night. ;) Not sure who had the most fun, you or them? [NB: Apart from a top mini-cruiZe, Lou chaperoned the boys on a night out in Surfer's - where're the pics of THAT?]

    Just got home from VMR & expected the house to be trashed, all my beer gone! [S'pose Brenton left early eh?] ... Brenton, we gave you a hard time at lunch huh ... yep, it was a conspiracy!
  14. Fate

    Fate Evil Genius

    Lou's Chaperone Pics


    Firstly, thanks for coming and i hope we showed you a good time. Sorry it wasn't as organised as we would have liked. Promise to make the next visit more organised.

    Second. We, being Richo and myself took Lou into Surfers to "PLAYERS" the Gentlemans Club to watch the Jelly wrestling. Was good fun to watch as the girls dragged some young fella in to be ref, they dressed him up in a red dress and bombarded him with breasts in the jelly pool. His only comment as he was crushed was "SICK MATE" Fully SICK. (Lucky Bugger).

    Thirdly, Here are the pics as per Rob's request and our delight. :)

    Lou on the dodgems at Funtasia in Surfers.

    Lou and the Meter Maids

    Lou, and a couple of Randoms that jumped in for a pic with the Meter Maids.

    Markets in Surfers on Friday night, "Look Lou, a Puzzle shop"

    So we are all tied up with this puzzling rope trick. The Chinese guy letting us know how to get out of it. "Now just bend over" ;)

    "Hey Lou, Told ya i'd bend ya over on the first date ;)" The one pic we didn't get was when i actually got between her legs! WITH THE ROPE TRICK THAT IS. ;););)

    Thanks for a great day on Saturday up at the Eagle Thai Rob. Welcome to all the Newbies that attended as well. Was good to see some more new faces.

    Wont be too long before i have my car back as she's gone in to have g/box fixed AGAIN.

    Will see everyone at the tech day i'm sure. (fingers crossed that g/box is done by then.

    Thanks Richo for letting me be your PSA. Was a great drive and I had some fun with your camera. (sorry bout the quality of some of those pics).

    Brenton, I see you managed to get home alright. how long did it take you??? You should speak to Pex bout getting a GPS. Sounds like you need it.

    For the rest of the Members that came on Saturday, GREAT Turnout guys. For a mini Cruize we still had a decent number.

    Check out my new avatar.

    Gotta love them Porsche's.

    Cheers again,

    Fate aka THE HITMAN.

  15. brenton

    brenton Member


    Sean, I dont need a GPS, I need a pilot that doesnt have to drive at the speed of light.

    Some quality pics there.

    someone has to photoshop them ;)
  16. richo

    richo New Member

    where's zed4life when ya need him ;)

    Brenton I've purposely withheld the chickenlegs photo u took, but it will be available to Mark upon request ;):sick: lol

    It was a top nite out on the town - Fate's photos of Lou will be seen by the Southerners at any tick of the clock....poor girl :LOL:

    Next time we'll have to organise a mammoth cruise like MikeZ's Glasshouse Mtns. :thumbsup:

    Hitman's getaway driver
  17. brenton

    brenton Member

    Its prolly a good idea you havent posted it.

    Some people would want to eat dinner tonight, and a dose of chicken legs wouldnt be good :thumbsup:
  18. Lou

    Lou New Member

    ...and now my version of events....

    ...and now for my usual essay (Get a cuppa...) which hopefully doesn't contain any innuendo and will hopefully explain some of the pics Fate and Richo posted...

    Man, where to start???

    Well after a week of camping in Coffs Harbour I found myself on K-zed's (Rob) doorstep to spend a few days hanging out with some of the zed crowd. A HUGE thank you goes out to Rob who gave me a place to crash while I was in town, and for greeting me on your doorstep with a frosty beer when I arrived (you know me too well Rob....). Before long the two foot hitman arrived. Fate (Sean) you're a bit of a wall flower... really you should learn to come out of your shell. Im sure there's a personality under that silent exterior somewhere.... ;) As my eyes finally got used to focusing on Sean as he hopped from one foot to another with nervous energy, Richo rocked up who I vaguely remembered as Rob's shadow at Gilgandra. Somehow I don't think you're going to be much of a shadow at the next year's event. :) Before I knew it I was whisked away by two of the better looking zed members into Surfers - both being painfully restrained with their driving for the night (well until I got dumped back at Rob's place later that night...).

    The jelly wrestling was a good laugh - especially after a few of scotches. You missed out Brenton.... We came across the Metermaids when wondering aimlessly in the streets. It was pretty hard to miss them surrounded by a cloud of untamed testosterone of about a dozen 16 year old boys. But we hung around to get a pic - when in Rome..... Or was it just the scotch saying "get your picture taken Lou, yeah this looks like a good idea....". The puzzle store was pretty cool... Although my attention span lasted about 20mins, Fate was enraptured with all the puzzles the old chinese guy kept giving him to try "Here, separate these rings from the chain - look how easy it is..." (An hour later he gets it...). I think I knew it was time to stop attempting the puzzles myself when I abused the canadian tourist standing next to me when he wouldn't show me how to do one of the puzzles. Rich just backed away slowly.... Or maybe the turning point of doing puzzles for me was when the chinese guy tied Sean and I together and told us that "...its very easy to get out of this one...". What a great way to get to know a zed member well... After hearing lines like "Bend over!", " you go through her legs...", and getting some very strange looks by the tourists standing nearby, the chinese guy (now know as The Dirty Bastard), showed us how to get out of the ropes without the need of any compromising positions.... The rest of the night went without a hitch, topless women or compromising positions (probably to the disappointment of both Rich and Sean...).

    The cruise on the Saturday was awesome. I haven't been up to QLD in about ten years and the views on the cruise gave me a great look at the Bananabender's habitat. It was great to put some faces to the forum names and I hope to meet up with you all again if not at Coona over Easter, then at some other point when I visit QLD again. It was great Thai food, but something tells me that Rob has shares in that place, especially since the owners knew him by name, favourite dish, drink, and used him as a waitress at one point....

    Then it was another night with the boys, hang on let me rephrase that before Rob latches onto that line... Then it was another night hanging out with the boys - Brenton included this time. After destroying Rob's place, we headed out for some pool at a local. Brenton disappeared early in the night muttering something about girls, cheap beers and a $7 taxi ride home. Obviously a better option than having no beers and watching the large Kiwi woman dancing to the bad cover band with us. Fair call. Then again he still managed to sink a couple of beers before heading off. Brenton, Ive never seen a beer disappear so fast... Is that a QLD thing???! I think you'd inhaled it before I even got my change back off the bar wench.

    In the morning the forensics team were kind enough to let us clean up what was left of Rob's place after they'd finished their investigations. Rich and Sean were kind enough to come back around to help out. A good thing too considering how long it took us to hose out the TV room, replace the table, find the owner of the body in the backyard and send some bribes to the neighbours.... Oh and the ute does clear the clumps of dirt in the vacant block across the road, (did I say that out loud...?).

    Thanks to Rich, Sean and Brenton for putting up with me over the weekend and playing chauffer. ...and a special thanks to Rich for probably being dragged into showing me around over the weekend. :) I hope you were able to put up with me. ;) Now I can't wait to have a few beers with you all in Coona - Im sure in the next few months we can find some more shit to hang on Fate for the Easter weekend. ;)

    Okay, I think that's enough ramblings from me.... Time to go and incinerate all the camping gear in the back of my car...

    Lou :)
  19. brenton

    brenton Member

    beer wench!?!?!?!?

    She was no wench, let me tell you that ;) . Yes I may drink my beer fast, and no thats not a QLD thing, as Rob will tell you :)

    Good to see those pair looked after you. Come back soon! :)
  20. MexiCandu

    MexiCandu Grumpy of the Grampians

    Rob used as a "WAITRESS"!!!


    Great to catch up again Lou - glad you enjoyed your stay.


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