lost clutch pressure!!??

Discussion in 'Technical' started by new 2z, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. new 2z

    new 2z New Member

    i went to bleed my clutch for some reason every couple of months it starts to slip a quick bleed and all is good again however yesterday after i cracked the bleed line for the first time i lost all pressure. Any ideas???
  2. tassuperkart

    tassuperkart Its a lie I tell you!

    The whole master cylinder/pedal setup is incorrect and the system is remaining largely "closed" and not "recouperating".
    This results in residual line pressure holding the slave cylinder against the clutch release fork and after time clutch slippage.

    Often a result of snoozers adjusting the pedal stop bolt to "lower" the pedal for comfort without shortening the pushrod as well and the MC pison is held down below where the recouperating valve works.

    Is why your clutch "comes back" after bleeding. Let the pressure out and the slave retracts... Instant clutch!
    Actually bleeding per-se is not necessary and just cracking the bleed nipple off relieves residual line pressure. Can be done at the slave or the MC.

    Somehow, you have introduced air into the system when you cracked the bleed nipple the last time which absolutely sucks for you if the entire clutch hydraulics are stock. Proper bleeding, without a Mighty-Vac is a complete head-farque.

    Now, i dont actually know the official Nissan FSM procedure, never bothered to read it but all recouperating master/slave systems work in the same way so:

    First, disconnect the pedal/MC pushrod and wind the clevis in so its not touching anything to do with the pedal.

    Set the pedal height with the stop bolt.
    I dunno what its supposed to be. I just "set" it to whatever is comfortable. FSM should detail it. Something close to the height of the brake pedal should be close.

    Adjust the pushrod so the MC is completely relaxed when connected to the fully relaxed pedal. In fact set it with a little freeplay between the pedal and the stopbolt.
    This ENSURES the MC comes right back and opens the recouperating port.

    Thats it.

  3. new 2z

    new 2z New Member

    thank you so much thats sounds exactly like whats happening some snoozer lol me did infact adjust the pedal to lower the engagement on the pedal!! thanks for info most helpful
  4. tassuperkart

    tassuperkart Its a lie I tell you!

    Hey Snoozer!!!!
    Hahaha!! All you need to do then is shorten the pushrod to bring everything back to normal and do a system bleed.
    Keep and eye on the clutch "dragging" due to insufficient disengagement tho. Excessinv grinding into reverse is a biggie!!
    Sometimes a tradeoff from lowering the pedal.

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