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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by SHIRI, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. SHIRI

    SHIRI New Member

    Hi guys/gals,I just bought a collector's Z kit with all the Z ever made (well, the 240,260,280,z31,z32 and z33) and I've started a new hobbie (I miss my car after more than 6 months of not seeing it).Does anyone know of any local websites selling models or RC online? Or does anybody know how much 1/24 models or RCs cost?Thanks, I'll be posting pictures of what I've got :) I think I'm bloody lucking getting that collector's Z kit, costed me a bomb too :p
  2. BlueZ

    BlueZ Oldie but a goodie

    If you find a model ....

    of a 2+2. Please let me know. I've only ever seen 2 seaters.
    See Ya,
  3. BigCol

    BigCol That's what she said...

    Hey Shiri >>

    I got my 1/10th RC zed for about $800 on the road just over a year ago (half was the zed kit, half was motor, battery, charger, controller, paints etc). Only problem now is that they are an old model and you may have problems finding them now.
    1/24 static model z32's alter in price here in Melb anywhere from $30 to $45.
  4. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master

    SHIRI, where are you???

    This may be a stupid question, but how come you havent seen your car in 6 months. Are you overseas??CheersJEDI-77
  5. Datzboy

    Datzboy New Member

    Z models

    Hearn's Hobbies in Flinders St may have the RC 300zx.
    The Tamiya 1/24th Plastic kit used to be very common and could be found in any hobbie shop but is now getting harder to find.
    Try Early Model Kits in Royston St Burwood.
    I've got a pic of some of my 300zx models on my web site.
  6. Datzboy

    Datzboy New Member

    Tomica 2+2

    Tomica do a 1/60th diecast model of a 2+2
  7. BlueZ

    BlueZ Oldie but a goodie

    I was hoping for something a bit bigger

    Thanks for the info anyway.
    See Ya,
  8. zxtt-1

    zxtt-1 mechanically inept

    No they don't >>--

    have the 1/10 300zx rc model. One of the guys did have a shell, note DID. ;) I'm now in the process of building a running chasis to suit. :):):)
  9. BigCol

    BigCol That's what she said...

    We're gonna have our own mini z cruise! (n/m)

  10. Thorny

    Thorny New Member

    Might not be what you're looking for but...

    I found this model online at eHobbies. Does not look all that bad, but it might not be what you are looking for. I tried...1/24 300ZX at eHobbies
  11. IB

    IB ?????

    Have you still got the box?

    I have friends in a Hobby Shop who may be able to convince the importer to get some older models in.That's why you can by Tamyia Z32 kits at the moment.
  12. BigCol

    BigCol That's what she said...

    Yep. >>

    What do you need? Model numbers or just a photo of the front of the box?
  13. 123

    123 Guest

    Here's a site for you

    It might not be local but it has a variety of zeds on it. The 1/24th scale ones change from time to time depending on what they have. Also cost is quiet good even though it's coming from Japan.I know others on this forum who have used this site, as I got it from here.<A HREF=http://www.hlj.com> Hobby Link Japan. www.hlj.com</A>Al
  14. quick1

    quick1 Guest

    brought 3 matchbox Z's today, any1 want ? :)

    took the last of what was left on the shelf! (muahahaha!!)Its the white one saying 'ZX' on the sideClick Here To view picthats a pic RZM posted a few days ago, pic of the white model one im on about is there.
  15. IB

    IB ?????

    Both would be good....

    A picture and model numbers may be enough to get the process going.The instructions may list the part number for the body shell only, which may be a different option.The whole process relies on old stock in the wharehouse in Japan.
  16. Datzboy

    Datzboy New Member

    My model pics

    I've got a pic of some of my models on my site.http://www.roddz.tk
  17. SHIRI

    SHIRI New Member

    Here's what I've found...

    1/24 300zx (2 seater)
    1/24 350z (2 seater)
    1/24 300zx police car (2+2 I think)
    1/24 240z police car (2+2 I think)
    1/24 remote controlled 4WD 350z (this one is awesome!!!) worth around $600and 1/60 300zx keyring (a matchbox Z with a ring for keys)I guess I could try and find a 2+2 here in Singapore (just passing through looking for a job...again :| ), but you're right, they are really hard to find. Best bet is buying those 1/60 size (matchbox sized) ones which aren't really that detailled.
  18. SHIRI

    SHIRI New Member

    yeah overseas

    not coming back for a while except maybe around christmas time. Will probably be driving to Sydney again :)How's your car mate? I've been reading what's been going on, hope everything's OK.
  19. SHIRI

    SHIRI New Member

    Thanks Allan...

    That's a good site, in English too!
  20. RedZedMikey

    RedZedMikey RZM should now be DZM

    Hey Rodd - and 2+2 owners >>>

    Rodd, in your collection do you have a 1/43 Kato 300ZX? They are apparently available in red and white, LHD & RHD, 2-seaters only for anywhere between US$30-40 depeding on specials. They are supposed to have excellent detail. I have tried plenty of places locally and interstate, Stanbridges in WA contacted the Australian Kato distributor, but he isn't interested in bringing them in - apparently he got bitten by holding a few in stock some years ago - long before J-Specs became common.
    If you do have one, can you advise on the build quality?
    If you don't, are you interested in getting one? I am thinking seriously about bringing one in from either Japan or USA; landed cost should be about $80 if all duties get charged.
    Check this <A HREF=http://www.carnuts.com/dcc/pages/nissan_124.htm>website</A> out for further detail.
    They also have 1/87 scale available in blue/black/yellow.
    2+2 owners, on that website is a pic of a Motor Max 1/24th die cast 2+2 year 2000 model. Blipman has one - quality isn't great, but is reflected by the price - US$12.99. These have been available in Australian shops for about $20, some searching may find them.

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