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Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by RynoDrifterZ, Jun 18, 2021.

  1. RynoDrifterZ

    RynoDrifterZ Member

    Hey guys I have 2 parts cars that are almost bare shells, still got the odd little parts left. Just a small list of parts.
    Standard S14 wheels $200
    Rear bar with clear side markers $150
    2+2 passenger door $100
    2+0 drivers door $100
    Lock and key set $100
    Rear calipers $150 (2 pairs)
    2+2 carpet $100 (rear seat section faded)
    Bunch of other little stuff. Let me know what else you may be chasing and I’ll have a look :)
    Bigger items are pickup only. Country Victoria (3637) 2.5 hours from Melbourne
  2. koobaz

    koobaz New Member

    Hey mate wouldnt have a N/A clutch pedal by any chance ?
  3. doc1

    doc1 Member

    Hi I know this is an older post but do you have the main battery fuse?
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  4. RynoDrifterZ

    RynoDrifterZ Member

    Sorry for the late response, I do but I can’t get to the car for awhile. I will find time to go out there and get everything off it :)

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