KYB AGX adjustable struts....or coilovers?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by blue32zx, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. blue32zx

    blue32zx The answer is 42

    im trying to work out which way to to get some new struts and decent springs or some insurance approved coilovers...? asking for opionins on what type of coilover to get or what type of springs to suit...

    the requirements are:

    want to drop the z 25 to 30mm...roughly one inch....:cool:

    want a solid ride but not one that will jar my teeth at every bump...:rolleyes:

    i tend to go to the strip more than the track...:zlove:

    has anyone every tried tanabe or king springs? what sort of compresion rate should i be looking for?

    any feedback appreciated...

  2. 300zxt

    300zxt Well-Known Member

    I pulled that KYB AGX junk out of my Z that the previous owner had installed when I first got it, you dont want them...
  3. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    sorry i dont agree with that and nor will many others,i used to have them before coilovers and was impressed
    would you like to elaborate on those views 300zedexteeeeeee :confused: :confused:
  4. blue32zx

    blue32zx The answer is 42

    why do you say that?

    were they the adjustable ones?
  5. 300zxt

    300zxt Well-Known Member

    Sorry I was mistaken, I took a look at them just now and they're KYB Excel-G shocks or some crap...
  6. beaver

    beaver southern zeds

    The kyb agx adjustables

    shocks suite the zed suspension, much like the stock shocks (Tokico's on my car) which were good anyway.
    Get the eibach springs if you go that way.
  7. wassaw7

    wassaw7 New Member

    I've got kyg abx adjustable shocks in my Z, paired with lowered king springs. They are quite good, but obviously coilovers are better due to more adjustability. If you've got the $ definately get coilovers. If not, the kyg's are a good comprimise.
  8. Tektrader

    Tektrader Z32 Hoe, service me baby

    LOL its easy to say coilovers are better cause they are more expensive. More expesive is better right ?????

    NOT ,

    Most of the people who buy SS Teins used King springs before. OF couse the coilovers are better than King springs. :rolleyes:

    Buy AGX's and also Eibach progressive rate springs and the Whiteline sway bars and there is a huge difference.

    From what I have seen all the coilovers, DONT have progressive rate springs on them. So if you want a bone jarring ride. Go buy em.
  9. ozphoto

    ozphoto Swollen Member

    I have the KYB adjustables in mine and I think they are excellent. Coilovers do give more adjustment but they ride a lot harsher as well. All in all it will depend on what you'll be using the car for and how often your bum will be in the seat. For a daily driver, go the KYB's. For a weekend warrior/track day car, the coilovers will probably suit you better
  10. blue32zx

    blue32zx The answer is 42

    Eibach springs...

    who has used these? where can i get them?
  11. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    P/M caz ryan,i think she gets these,coz does them from the u.s,and fleet maybe able to help you out
  12. blue32zx

    blue32zx The answer is 42

    already in contact with caz:)

    is there anything else i should look at doing while i am down there?
  13. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    i would say front and rear camber arms would top the setup nicely,also check your rubber bump stops are in good nick as they are usually rooted and also the boots that go over the shafts , boots dont come with the kyb's

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