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Discussion in 'Technical' started by mikemd, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. mikemd

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    Any ideas for removal of key stuck in ignition barrel?? Release button suddenly decided it liked the "feel" of the key in the barrel...does the whole ignition barrel have to removed to effect release? 12-months without use until a complete engine rebuild and now the blo*dy key is stuck!! Ahh...the joy of owning a Zed...:mad:
  2. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    Mike, make sure that the steering wheel is NOT springing back against the release mechanism(this sometimes occurs when the wheels are turned at an angle and tension is transferred back to the steering wheel).
    If this is not an issue, try moving the steering wheel as far as possible in either direction(taking-up any free-play)and whilst the wheel is at the extreme of movement, try turning the key fully in either direction and then attempt to release it in the normal way.
    A squirt with WD40(down along the key slot)won't hurt either.
    Other than that, it may require a mobile Locksmith's tender ministrations.;)
  3. 90TTZ

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    You got an auto? When my car used to be auto it was because the shifter was not in Park before I turned the key off.
  4. mikemd

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    Thanks, Lloyd...hope that will fix it. Best wishes to Lynn...Have a 'friend' (wink,wink) in the Philippines been keeping me occupied...fortunately at Bislig just that fortunate bit away from Tacloban. Her son is mad keen on the Zed - couldn't tell him that I can't get the bl**dy key out - might turn him off!! :)
  5. East Coast Z

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    If the other suggestions don't work........
    Remove the plastic covers from the steering column [between the steering wheel & the instrument cluster] to expose the ignition switch.
    On the rear of the ignition switch is a small plastic piece, I think it has a couple of wires connected to it & it is separate from the wires associated with the ignition & power circuitry.
    This could be your problem, I think you can remove it with a small screwdriver.
    The memory is a bit hazy, been a while since I did it!
  6. mikemd

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    Thanks, ECZ...all the other suggestions were ones I sorta knew...but I tried them again anyhow. No luck....I'll try yours tomorrow. Thanks, mate. Incidentally, the previous major drama turned out to be six missing teeth on the timing belt. My (independent) mechanic-friend Frank found the original non-start (timing) problem, reset the timing then - never having worked on a Zed before - got a bit carried away revving it...until belt slipped again and damaged camshaft. :(:( Then we found the missing teeth...doh!!!

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