Z32 just bought my first 300

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by mitsoevo, Oct 25, 2019.

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    Hey all :)

    So the thread title is a slight lie I bought the car a month ago however I've had a busy month and didn't really have the time to post, but I just cleaned the car and took some photos and thought it would be a good time to make my first thread here. Being on my P's its an NA, also Manuel and my first car, I picked it up for what I thought was relatively cheap for its condition?, but im excited to join the community, I have already booked in for Zedfest next year!.

    Some stuff about this one, starting with the cons, it was originally white however they resprayed it yellow but it has its fair share of paint damage nothing overly bad (excluding the front bumper but that's another story i will mention below) but it is a project so in the long term I plan to repaint it eventually, maybe sometime next year. It has a couple of focused rust spots but from my experience they aren't bad and more then repairable and a top priority. The A/C needs a re-gas but I think I'm dreaming that a re-gas will fix it. the original owners son backed out of a driveway and hooked the front bumper on the gutter and badly cracked it and stuffed the paint, the electric seat works but struggles to move up with my ass in it and the motors sound very depressing but work properly, windows have scratches from wipers and being cleaned but not too bad, exhaust pipe leaks pretty bad and finally the rear antenna worked then stopped working a week later.

    The pros, electric driver seat, electric mirrors, 3rd owner, at some point one of the previous owners put Fujitsubo FGK muffles on, from a distance or at night the paint looks good ( XD ) drives fairly well, gear box and diff seem fair, no excessive wear,

    So far i have cleaned out the throttle bodies and fixed a high idle and sticky butterfly valve, fixed a miss fire, exhaust down pipe is badly deteriorated and had broken mounts, I've welded the mounts back on kinda and patched what i could, fixed some interior although its not terrible, given the car a good clean with what i have but need to collect some cleaning products, fixed front wiper toggle and patched some of the targa top seals to fix a leak.

    In the short term plan on pulling the plenum and replacing gaskets change out the spark plugs and attempt to do egr bypass and coolant bypass when i do a service in a couple weeks. then get a new exhaust from the just behind manifold to just before the mufflers, then change out the over sized chromies (chromies arent my thing) to something more functional.

    Here is a link to Imgur with the photos I took today! https://imgur.com/a/0xYaYT0
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    Congratulations and welcome!
    Love the yellow very underrated colour when it hasn't faded.
    Ive also just purchased a new 300 as well after a 7 year lay off!!!!

    Resurgence of the 300zx i say!!!!
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    the car looks straight and in good nick in the pics, well done!
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