Z32 Jesse's Garage Rates my 300ZX On His Youtube Channel

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    Hey guys, a youtuber going by "Jesse's Garage" has been rating his subscribers 300ZX's and so to get some exposure of my Z and my 2kspec replica project, I sent Jesse in a few photos and some details about my Z and he then gave his honest opinion on what he thinks of my car and then giving it a grade of between F to A. It was a fun little exercise for me to participate in and I was differently excited to see my car finally posted on youtube. I am still editing my very first youtube video atm and it could be a little while before its ready to be pulished but I'm hopeful i can get it done sooner rather then later.

    Here is the link to the video with my car featured in it, but he has done several videos with other owners cars which you can find in his channels playlists.

    I was differently happy with his rating of my car (of course I would) and I hope it will show his audiance what a top teir 300ZX should look like in the future for other Z owners to admire and maybe strive for, which I think is the point of these types of videos showing what should be done to keep these cars looking their best for all of time.
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    Nice, car look very well done. He didn't burn you and being the self crowned z32 gatekeeper that he is I think you past with flying colours. I love silver z32's so I'm bias.
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