Z32 JDM Production Numbers

Discussion in 'Technical' started by FITZ, Aug 14, 2021.

  1. FITZ

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    TT auto 2+0 isnt rare, Blue interior yes? (havent seen many myself) Yes RHD is correct for a JDM. Unsure what your prices are over there but i wouldnt be putting anything into a z32 that needs any sort of chassis straightening, any car realy..
  2. Dreilide

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    Its sort of rare in a JDM context. If you chose TH1 Dark Blue Pearl, you got a blue interior and blue glass (all other JDM early Z32s got the usual grey tweed and bronze glass).

    But if you are comparing against US market cars, all of them had blue glass, blue interiors (as an option) and TT 2+0 Auto is also fairly common. So not particularly special.

    You always see JDM 2+2s because they outsold 2+0s over 5:1 in the JDM production run.
  3. JDMZ32inMA

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    This all makes sense. Thanks guys! I will probably never complete the blue interior considering that everything from the dash back is missing, including seats and all plastics in the hatch portion, but it is rare enough here in the US that I want to show it some love. May not make financial sense, but aside from the framework, I could do all of the work myself. I appreciate the tips!

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