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  1. SlaVe

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    After we get approved by DoTaRS, we will definitely be importing Z's of all models with our main focus being on late models. As stated earlier, we are still in the process of being approved by DoTaRS so the only Z we have is the test car which im afraid, is not for sale as yet :)

    Hope this helps :cool:
  2. beaver

    beaver southern zeds

    Thanks, please let us now

    off further devolpements as they come to light.

  3. SlaVe

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    Hi Ben,

    2+2 packages are readily available from Evidence Online. Here's the link;


    Hope this helps,
    Thanks :)
  4. mafi-zed

    mafi-zed the resident hoon

    hold on, i wasnt accusing you of anything, just simply stating the things you did wrong by me.

    the wheels.. well yes they did have something to do with you guys because you guys took the 17s off and replaced them with the 16s that the "dude" i bought the car off supplied, you guys did it, you guys stuffed it up by leaving a spacer = your responsibility regardless of wether or not it's apart of compliance, i couldnt care, because thats not the debate.

    the intrusion bar's, ive compared them to 4 other cars, mine are smaller by about 2", never said i was qualified, why are you attacking me? just stating what i see, and what ive been told by others who are in the same business as you, and i presume they are telling the truth.

    my trims being brittle???!?!?!
    how can the black trim in the rear get brittle?? its not plastic or rubber.. the guy who compliance RIPPED IT.. its not my fault, not the cars fault, not age.. but the guy who did it.. RIPPED IT.. from not being carefull.
    How can you say i have to buy new trims from nissan to make YOUR job easier, how slack can you get.

    my car being of poor quality?
    1. you dont know what your talking about, theres nothing poor about my Z.
    2. i havent had to spend anything on maintenance in 2 yrs.
    3. im worried that you actually remember my car despite the fact that i didnt even mention it? if you dont like the guy that i bought it off, and you know he sells poor quality zeds, why didnt you mention it? did you just not give a shit back then and give a shit now because your trying to make money off new customers?
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  5. SlaVe

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    Have you finished portraying our business as a "back-yard" shed run by under-qualified staff? Sure every business has hiccups on the way, but in your case, i fail to see how the ball is totally in our court. Why do you opt to be such a keyboard warrior? If you have a problem, PM me or better yet, see us in person :)

    O.k, back to rebutting;

    I think it's quiet clear that this is one of the reasons why you made a contribution to my thread so yes, this is the debate :)

    I just gave you the hard facts about the guidlines followed when producing intrusion bars, what makes you think the guys whom are "telling the truth" are actually manufacturing correct intrusion bars? Are they dodgily being engineered? Maybe there not telling the truth after all? :rolleyes:

    I was referring to another section of the rear trim, my bad. In your case, i guess it was a simple matter of carelessness of previous staff which as stated earlier, have now been replaced by qualified staff under close monitoring.

    I distinctively remember your car and most importantly, you :) After all, out of the 15 or so odd cars complied for person X, your the first person to hang utter rubbish against us. Better yet, you did so behind a monitor :rolleyes: Im sorry to say mate, but your car was just another heap in the extremely poor batch bought down by person X and this has absolutely no relation to our liking/disliking with person X.

    We can ignore that comment because i just stated the obvious that if we didn't like the guy, we wouldn't be dealing with him. Seem logical enough? :)

    Why is it any of our business to mention its quality, after all, you haven't had to spend anything on maintaining it, right? :rolleyes:

    What was there to give a stuff about? Did you not get the vehicle checked out? Were you not happy with what you purchased? The purchasing of the vehicle was simply between YOU and person X, who are we to intervene? We were simply compliancing the vehicle, having them engineered and sent back.

    Were in no way out to make money off people, i simply created this thread to raise awareness of our business. So i guess your done demoting the workmanship, now its time to move on to the financial attacks? Slack :rolleyes:
  6. mafi-zed

    mafi-zed the resident hoon

    i was trying to have a debate with you and give you a chance, but now your just talking shit, i cant be stuffed anymore.

    i still dont understand how you could possibly know who i am when i didnt mention what zed i have, or a specific date, or who i was, or where im from, have you complied 1 zed in 2 years? i havent given away any details on my zed other than the problems i had with your shop, do you remember them so clearly?

    one last thing,
    THE pure fact that my zed is good, and i havent had any break downs or any maintenance issues, and the power it produces is a clear sign that your wrong in saying my zed is poor, when you work that out it roughly translate to you = not knowing shit.
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  7. SlaVe

    SlaVe Member

  8. Tosh Tosh

    Tosh Tosh living in NA denial.....

    Indeed, yes Im aware of this...After making the mistake of being ripped by a car yard for my current zed (in my pre-forum/zed super noob days), it is my plan to import a TT a couple of years down the track, whether its a later model or an emaculate (as close to it :cool:) earlier model doesnt phase me in the slightest.
    Its assuring to know businesses are making the effort to get these cars available to us, hopefully in the future the compliance is available and done locally.

  9. scump

    scump John Dorian

    dude i dont get it.. you just bit of mafi's head for saying your staff were shit... but earlier on you said yourself that they sucked so you fired their ass's.

    then you said the guy he got his car off was dodgy... well you found the car, correct.

    you are exetremely bold with no good evidence of your work and only poor examples while advertising on a site that is RUN by a member of J-Spec Imports.... lol ever see a holden dealer go into a ford car lot n try sell a car? haha.

    anyway, if thats what you guys put mafi-zed through i think its fair he says what happened.
  10. DBCAR

    DBCAR New Member

    i think you took the words out of my mouth scump. but i wasn't bold enough to say it.
  11. blackheartedprofit

    blackheartedprofit New Member

    willing discussion

    i guess the end result of all this is, if you are going to import a Zed you have to make sure you have pics of all the bodywork and trim interior and exterior, then at least you have some comeback if you think anything is damaged, seems like it can be a bit of a can of worms at times getting a Z complianced, just a general question though, do any individual buyers of import Z's actually go to Japan and buy them there?
  12. MexiCandu

    MexiCandu Grumpy of the Grampians

    The DoTars website also quotes the following:

    The fact that a vehicle is included on the Register of Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicles does not guarantee it will be able to gain approval to be plated. A vehicle may not be able to satisfy specific ADR requirements even though it meets the requirements set out for eligibility on the Register.

    I think we need more specific information on whether compliancing is available for late model 2+2s before we all get too excited.
  13. SlaVe

    SlaVe Member

    Bit his head off? err o.k then :rolleyes:

    We found the car? err o.k then :rolleyes:

    J-Spec imports? Craig and Gareth? err o.k then :rolleyes: Can somebody say M O N O P O L Y?

    Each to their own mate, thanks for your input :)

    ZDUCTIV Active Member

    You are not going to do well on this website unless you decide to rethink your approach. I'd like to think we are a close knit bunch here on aus300zx, and loyal also. Attacking one of our more senior members, and J-Spec who our admin works for (not 100% sure on Blipmans role within company), is going to get you absolutely nowhere.

    I'd like to see you reevaluate how you present your company to the forum, and perhaps get off to a more positive start.

    As for asking Mafi-Zed to contact you personally, and not from behind a keyboard, well that's what our forum is for. Using what we have learnt and spreading the information australia-wide. We are all curious how you will follow up on the work that YOUR company signed off on.

    Good luck.
  15. SlaVe

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    Cheers :)
  16. SlaVe

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    Hi zductive
    Nice to meet you
    I was a previous member on this site around 3 years ago while I had my zed:zlove: and sold my zed to a member on here he lives in Brisbane :) haven’t heard from him for a while hope everything’s ok :)
    I came on here to let other members know that we are compliance holders for 180sx, R32, supra , delica, prius in the process now of R34, stagea, 300zx 2 seater, fto .soon we will have plates for 2 seaters and hopefully in future 2+2 seaters. Out of nowhere a member lashed out and started to blame us for things that happened to his car. He should of at least pm me and tell me his problems if he has any and to confirm with us what actually happened. We never sold him a zed all we did is compliance. If he had a problem with his vehicle after compliance that he didn’t think was right he should at least called and notify us on the situation on what happened and not wait 2 years and then lash out like that if anybody has a problem with something being of vehicle you call the place or even go back there the next day and show the person what’s wrong so they can help you and if there is any fault to fix it. Nothing of that kind happened no call and didn’t hear a complain till now regarding his vehicle.
    So I suggest in future if anyone of us buys or has anything done buy anyone and if you’re not happy with the outcome or not to your liking you return it you don’t wait 2 years and then say so and so stuffed me up they ripped me off or sold me a faulty thing. That’s not fair on the seller he doesn’t know if it’s faulty or something went wrong. If you return it back to the place of purchase and show the seller and explain to him your problems then you will be both happy and problem solved cause everyplace wants to keep there customers happy and that way there wont be misunderstandings like this :)

    Cheers :)

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