Z32 Is the air com compresser in a NA the same as the one in a TT

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by MIKEA, Oct 16, 2022.

  1. MIKEA

    MIKEA Member

    Trying to clarify if a NA air con compressor will fit a TT car
  2. BodenM

    BodenM No ZX just yet :(

    Yes, the AC compressors are the same and will interchange between NA and TT just fine.
  3. MickW

    MickW Carntry member...

    Dude, seriously. We gave you our best advice in these threads from 2021 -

    25 August 2021

    29 Sept 2021

    Chewy went to the trouble to post the parts diagrams, other members tried to help, and I got myself covered in grease and turps for you but you are no further along with this a year later. Maybe just wind the windows down when it gets hot. Can you manage that?

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