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  1. Ben2311

    Ben2311 New Member

    Hello, I'm Ben from Gladstone, Central Queensland.

    I have recently purchased a 1993 N/A ZX. I'll just jump straight to the pics...





    As I am new to the zx's, I am slowly learning more and more about the car. I have been following the forums for about a month and I've noticed that you guys are really helpful and know you zeds. I look forward to getting to you all.

    Thanks, Ben.
  2. zedboy

    zedboy Active Member

    Hey mate welcome to the forum lots to learn here and lots of money to be spent;)...but you don't want to go there.

    Looks like you got yourself a reasonably clean and straight car, ever have any questions just ask and im sure they will be answered.

  3. cru1sr

    cru1sr Bayside Hustla

    Willkommen Ben! Wishing you many happy years motoring in your very tidy Zed!
  4. Mikey5555

    Mikey5555 Grid Runner

    Welcome man :D

    Lots to learn here, the tech section has most things you need to know :)

    Have a good look round, everyone is quite friendly too

  5. murci

    murci Member

    Hey ben, welcome!!!

    silver 93 NA, just like me..until i wrapped it :)

    Is that a kaminari rear wing on the back? what do you think of it? what plans do you have for the zed?

    20 questions game ahaha

    matt. :)
  6. pennyarvs

    pennyarvs New Member

    Welcome to the forum, Ben! Hope I could be of help in the future. Just wanna pay back what this forum and its lovely members have given me for the past years. Happy zedding!



    URHYNS Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum man. Great place here to learn lots about the VG. Check out the tech section before asking random questions, they have all been answered.

    Nice Z!!!


    If you plan on spending any money on it. First thing you do is get rid of that Chinese farmer's hat spoiler, please. It reminds me of a VL Walkinshaw arse end.

  8. gargoyle

    gargoyle New Member

    Greetings Ben, you'll have a great time here I'm sure.
    Nice zed by the way.
  9. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    looks like you have found yourself one fine machine, Ben ...

    welcome to the Forum and enjoy your beautiful beastie ...
  10. ryzan

    ryzan Black Mesa? Fat chance...

    Hey mate, welcome to the forum. Hit me up if you're ever in Rocky and want someone to look over your car for you, or even just to come say hi and talk Zeds.

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