Z32 Installing ASHSPEC Large Side Mount Intercoolers

Discussion in 'Technical' started by SWH80, Jul 15, 2022.

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    We have installed ASHSPEC large Side Mount Intercoolers & ducting with 2.5" pipework. We also have an OEM 2000 model front bar. We are having trouble fitting the front bar because the side mount intercoolers seem to be too low and interfering with the bottom flap of the bumper bar. Has anyone else here installed these and did you encounter the same problems we have?
    I am hoping we are overlooking something... Any advice would be very much appreciated.
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    You may have fitted something incorrectly because Ash always used to state that his SMIC fit under an oem front bar :cool:
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    Have you tried contacting Ash? Given you've received the parts rather than asking where they are I'd say there's a chance he'll reply to you...
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    Thanks to all for the responses,
    I bought these years ago, I have resolved the issues. The fiberglass air guides were impacting the bar and I also have an American reo bar which bolts onto Shock absorbers that go into the chassis rails, the Fiberglass buckets for the fog lights needed some small modification to allow for clearance. We also have 2 Cusco catch cans that are attached to brackets that bolt onto the inside of the aluminium reo bar, when attaching the bar we found 2 of the urethane tabs that hold the grille mesh in place impacted those brackets . All seems to fit well now.

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