i'm sick of it :(

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by devilly, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. devilly

    devilly New Member

    been working on this car way too long :mad: started as easy like, i dropped the gear box to put in new clutch.then before you know it.

    i've ripped the whole car apart.engine is being rebuilt in my shed.i noticed all the trims cracked so pulled them out.

    so many things on this car have not lasted long at all :(

    currently spray painting the engine bay,cleaning and replacing parts as i go.right now i cannot see this car back on the road.

    now all the clear coat is peeling so have to respray the whole car :(

    i'm just kinda over it.spent too much money and time not to have it not on the road by now i feel very hurtful. this explains how i feel right now :bash:
  2. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    Keep ya head up youll get there. Many many times people pay for what they get and find in the end they have to put heaps of good money in them to get them up to date. This is why they get parted out at a hi rate. But jeep ya head up and youll get there in time

  3. Gunwarm

    Gunwarm Kamikazee Special Corps

    Not a thing in life is easy,pain first then enjoyment later.:zlove:
    But yes I know where your coming from :banned:
  4. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    A Wise Old Man once told me,
    "The more trouble a thing can cause, when it goes wrong, is directly proportional to the amount of grief it will generate when it does!"

    I am yet to disprove this truism, however, I will add one of my own,
    "When you refuse to be beaten by the above event, it is impossible to erase the grin from your Face, or the spring in your step!"

  5. Madcow

    Madcow Active Member

    Sharks are around.... put a parts list up....
  6. devilly

    devilly New Member

    nar i'll just keep all my spare's :) they can keep taking up half a spare room i don't mind :)

    i went and brought a couple pieces of trim and as i was walking back to my car i noticed a full loom on the ground.i asked about it as it looked like a 300zx loom.before i knew what was happening he gave it to me for FREE.and put it my car for me :) :)
  7. TQE-756

    TQE-756 Active Member

    Keep going mate!

    Once you've been bitten by this Zed bug you're infected for life.
    I'm in a similar spot (but not as bad by the sounds of it) just remember there's plenty of good people in this Zed Society (like the guys above) we're part of and plenty of help.
    It may take a year but when you're throwing it through the twisties bouncing from apex to apex smiling like a maniac again, it will all be worth it! :br:
  8. devilly

    devilly New Member

    thanks for that,i was going to put the spoiler on but cant work out how it bolt's on :( i think it's a farrier one or Porsche,no bolt holes,i was thinking of using sikaflex and drilling holes for screws.

    but the boot lid has double weld bending joints any-one know of any good safe anchor points for the spoiler's ?

    any good body kit's that are still available for sale ?
  9. East Coast Z

    East Coast Z Well-Known Member

    If you use Sikaflex you probably won't any need bolts or screws.
    How secure the spoiler will be fixed will be dependant on the mounting surface area.
    Using Sikaflex, you may find you won't be able to get it off easily, should you want to in the future, without damaging paintwork.

    There is always the option of going Brazillian, which looks pretty cool.

    Based on the comments in your opening post, perhaps you should consider concentrating on getting the car back on the road so you can drive it.
    If you can drive the vehicle, it may increase your enthusiasm.
  10. devilly

    devilly New Member

    Sikaflex is easy to remove :) just use a guitar string and glove's.and then to remove from paint is eucalyptus oil.i just need to finish something so i feel good.
  11. Bob Lloyd-Jones

    Bob Lloyd-Jones Oldreverbob

    When to step away

    :zlove:When the bank balance empty's, get behind in the mortgage payments, wife and kids complain that you love your ZX better than them, because you spend to much time in the garage :bash: in which wipes the smile from your face.:mad: You then have to admit you have purchased a LEMMON. Would agree chili ?:agree:
  12. devilly

    devilly New Member

    disagree,in my case home loan comes first, the roof over your head is number 1, don't have a wife and don't want a wife, as i'm straight and a female :) it's not a lemmon more like a long term project :( just heaps longer then i thought.i'm a wise shopper so if i see someone with 5 boxes of 300zx parts for sale for $100 i talk them down as low as possible then store them in my spare-room .

    i also do all the work myself so i don't have to pay someone else high labor cost.hay if they want to spend time with me they come down the shed and have a game of pool and chill out :) i alway's will stop work for my kid and my friends :) or they can even grab some boxing gloves and have some fun on the boxing bag,or relax on the lounge.

    my only complaint is the quality these cars have it's like every thing needs to be remade to last a long time.
  13. Gunwarm

    Gunwarm Kamikazee Special Corps

  14. Bob Lloyd-Jones

    Bob Lloyd-Jones Oldreverbob

    A credit to your ability and life style, I hope to don't work for GMH. in SA.
  15. devilly

    devilly New Member

    cant swear, hmmm so how to politely put this, they got what they deserved.

    i was union rep around 7 or so years ago.they wanted to go on strike when push came to shove i was the only ONE standing there, the whole bunch that wanted it to happen let me down and i was the only person that turned up.

    waited 2 hrs sms them all. then thought to myself i'll just go home grab my bag and play a round of golf and thats what i did :)

    like bob hawke said : we need to keep it in Australia so the next gen can design cars for the future.no-one cared to listen :(

    i quit years ago if they not going to listen to ohs manger then nothing could save them.

    oh and my good old brilliant idea didn't work either :( i suggested that when the mums are getting $5,000 baby bonus they should tone down a car.no power windows, no frills,just a basic 4 cylinder car and sell them for $5,000.

    like the old style torana's but the control is by usa so nothing could be done to save them after many a brain storm.it needs approval via usa.

    heaps of people going to out of a job's with ford first them holden,it will have a HUGE spiral effect.all the small company's from Melbourne and Adelaide that make and supply parts sent via trucks,where the trucks fuel up and buy food,and it will continue to spiral :(

    so i'm all good got out of there before it started to crumble :)
  16. The_Ikon

    The_Ikon New Member

    Hang in there brother!!!
  17. Madcow

    Madcow Active Member

    You mean sister? :rofl:
  18. The_Ikon

    The_Ikon New Member

    He's a she?! :confused: Or a Bruce Jenner? Sorry..! That's kool, boy or girl I feel her pain about dumping money! :D
  19. My long gone Z31 had a decal over the the top of the rear window.

    It said "It's a Z Thing - You wouldn't Understand".

    And they don't. Good thing too - it keeps our Fairladies at a price we can afford. I bought a Z28 years ago and had to lose it due to the restoration cost. I was shattered going back to a Toyota Corona with the crapfire 4 Holden engine.

    Kids grew up, financials became better, Nissan EXA Turbo '85 work car, back to real car. Now '92 Z32TT 2+0.

    There is a season, turn turn turn - the time will be right and the lady in the garage will still have a Z on the bonnet.

    With due respect it will be a Z32. Design approved by Yataka Katayama, not a Z designed by an Indian gentleman from Leicester.

    Never lose the dream devilly. You will get there.

    If you walk into the garage after a crappy day and see the Z and don't smile, there is therapy needed.

    Keep the faith and take care.


  20. devilly

    devilly New Member

    all good :) been flat out. at the moment. i'm up to dealing with front bumper repairs.any ideas ? i'm pretty good at fiberglassing but this this is way weird to the materials that i'm used of.

    i know i can just brand new at a price of wait for it $1,500 and have to wait a mnth via ship.

    just trying to work out a way to keep the front pattern undamaged and hold in place while fiberglassing.i can't cheat and drill into it 2 small holes and use wire due to hold in place while doing the job.

    any ideas would be great :)

    i'm all good got a boxing bag happening :) :) saves on trying to find tool's later after throwing them in frustration.

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